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Poll - Will you pre-order?

crysentcrysent cedar rapids, IAPosts: 841Member Uncommon
Title says it all - based on your beta experience so far do you plan on pre-ordering the game?


  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member

    Nope. I refuse to ever pay full box price + sub fee ever again. I'll pay one or the other, but not both.

    Maybe when the game is $20 after a few months I'll check it out and see if things have improved from where CB is now. Barring that, I'll probably just ignore it and be on my merry.

  • TalonsinTalonsin Posts: 3,044Member Epic

    I agree with Red above.  The game just didnt grab me enough to make me want to pay $60 plus $15 a month.  I'll wait for it to be $30 or less and then pick it up for a month or two to follow the story. 

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  • sardaukar101sardaukar101 Milpitas, CAPosts: 15Member Uncommon

    Definitely. I been having happy results with the game. I already pre-purchased though. Now, the worst part is finding a group of people to play with.

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Quebec, QCPosts: 2,316Member

    Hell no !

  • StormwindXStormwindX LondonPosts: 168Member

    Nope. Tried the game out during the beta events, gave it a fair whirl, but... just not my cup of tea. I did want to be impressed (and I'll admit I was quite impressed by the ambience), but it just didn't cut it for me.

  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    No, but will continue to follow it and hope it evolves in the right direction. I think the game is still in need of a lot of polish, but given Funcom's history, it will eventually get there. It just needs more time than it currently has. I'll probably check in and pick it up 6 months to a year down the road.

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  • BartDaCatBartDaCat Renton, WAPosts: 808Member Uncommon

    I'm leaning toward "Yes", but still up in the air.  I'd like to see more content during beta weekends, more polish on the combat system, and a few of the glitchy recurring bugs fixed.

  • jdnycjdnyc Long Island City, NYPosts: 1,696Member

    Huh results are better for TSW than I would of thought on this site.

    Yes I have already.

  • DrakxiiDrakxii Waxahachie, TXPosts: 594Member

    No, it's EA, it's a standard themepark, has no replayiablity, and it has a cash shop.

    I will not play a game with a cash shop ever again. A dev job should be to make the game better not make me pay so it sucks less.

  • HellSingsHellSings Toronto, ONPosts: 185Member

    Waiting on PvP.

  • heartlessheartless Brooklyn, NYPosts: 4,993Member Uncommon

    I have to be honest, after playing GW2, TSW box price with a subscription fee and a cash shop just sounds like a rip off. If ArenaNet can pull off a AAA MMO experience without charging a monthly fee, the rest of these bozos are ripping people off.And then a cash shop on top of that too? Ridiculous.


  • HarttzHarttz Jacksonville, FLPosts: 91Member

    I have enjoyed my time in beta however I will not be pre-ordering.  I want to wait to see how launch goes and the quality of the game and community after a couple of months before I purchase.  I also don't want to pay the full box price knowing I will have to sub after a month.  If I can find the game for $25-30 2-3 months after release and the game isn't a mess at that point I will definitely jump at the opportunity.  TSW is the first game in a while that I have enjoyed questing in and I really enjoy the setting but the gameplay is just a little too shallow to justify a pre-order.

  • ZaltarkZaltark Lockhart, TXPosts: 436Member Uncommon

    Im going to have to say no.

  • mysticmousemysticmouse LOVELAND, COPosts: 117Member Uncommon

    I am going to wait till it's been out for 3 to 6 months then check it out via free trial  or a buddy invite deal. I am gaming less and less these days  so waiting a while doesn't bother me in the least. I just dont game very much in the summertime , way too much fun to be had outside right now!

  • waynejr2waynejr2 West Toluca Lake, CAPosts: 7,280Member Epic

    I think GW2 is my game until/IF archeage comes out in NA.  Passing on TSW.  

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  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon


    Preordered 1 game in my life and it bit me in the ass, never again.

  • junzo316junzo316 Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,700Member Uncommon

    Just not worth the box price in its current state.  The combat was extremely clunky and the character animations were horrendous.  My avatar looked like she was taking a dump everytime I moved.  Add to that the limited character customization and you get a very unpolished game.  It's a pass for me.

  • bezadobezado Posts: 1,126Member Uncommon

    I'm just curious who these people are who pre order mmorpg's now days. With all the info out there and how bad these can fail, it is not worth pre ordering anything. Why not be smart consumers and wait the first couple weeks or so and see how it fairs.


  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by bezado
    I'm just curious who these people are who pre order mmorpg's now days. With all the info out there and how bad these can fail, it is not worth pre ordering anything. Why not be smart consumers and wait the first couple weeks or so and see how it fairs.

    I believe the "x amount of days head start" is the main draw.


  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Yahoo, COPosts: 4,990Member


    Much as I do enjoy the game it is far too buggy and issue ridden in the first two zones alone:

    -Tango quests

    First one is hopeless unless you grab quest at the same time or someone else around completes it

    Tango is never around for the other one. Unless you're extremely fortunate in his fucked up respawn

    -Black house

    The ashes also have a ridiculous long respawn. To the point it makes it verge on uncompleteable

    -Jack's Back

    Is he? Because I did what the quest asked and nothing. Upon several tries.

    Not to mention other issues with selling, chat, etc.

    Great potential but not someting close to release.

    Never even made it far into the second zone, God knows how bugged the rest of the game is

    If we were talking six months out wouldn't even be concerned. But a couple weeks? You fucking kidding? Game isn't ready

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  • ZylaxxZylaxx Erlanger, KYPosts: 2,574Member

    All ready pre-ordered after the first BWE.  I love the atmosphere and questing system alot but what really blows me away is the skill deck system and the complex nature of building a suitable deck with so many pieces of the puzzle at your finger tips.  The Combat, although typical tab-targetting at its core has come along way between builds.  Sword and Pistol are both excellent in their animations now.  I am torn between a Hammer/Elementalist deck and a Pistol/Chaos (plays very much like Christian Bales character from Equilibrium) or Pistol/Shotgun deck right now.  I adore the Gun-Tata style combat they implemented with Pistols in this latest build.

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  • simmihisimmihi -Posts: 622Member Uncommon

    I will pre-order as i would buy it anyway. My reasons:

    - it's the first MMO in a LONG time which does not push me to the so-called "end-game content", i actually enjoy the questing and the atmosphere

    - it's a different setting, bored to the teeth with "classical" fantasy and spaceships

    - it will surely attract a different crowd, does not seem to cater for the "modern MMO" gamer

    - the dev team looks solid, at least i know that in terms of content quality it has all the reasons to be good. I loved The Loungest Journey and Anarchy Online, it reminds me of both

    - it's not "worth" the wait for me, it will not tell me much. It's not a game where you can just "trust" the user reviews, especially those written by the ones expecting WoW at endgame

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,384Member Rare

    if i pre-order (or even buy it after launch) it will be for the first free month. So no, i wont. I only played the beta on friday and a short time on saturday morning. I like the game, but dislike the business model very much (and combat is horrent). Patiently waiting for F2P like AoC did. Or even buy to play, and ill get it right away. Meanwhile, im having a blast with Dragons Dogma.

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,004Member Rare

         I will not be preordering and not interested in buying it later either.....IT seems more like a game you would want to take a wait and see where it will be in a couple months....I dont really see any point in preordering this one....I dont think there will be a huge rush at launch......It seems like alot more players are interested in GW2 than they are in TSW......Really gald I got to try this in beta as I might have been tempted had I not tried it.

  • Mike-McQueenMike-McQueen Enfield, CTPosts: 243Member
    I thought the setting would draw me in alone as its something different than the norm of late but it just blew so bad in so many areas for me
    I couldn't stick around. Idk five years ago maybe but 2012? I'll keep it moving.

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