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SMITE: Closed Beta Key Giveaway #5



  • jkfcjkfc nijmegenPosts: 41Member Uncommon

    damn i still don't have one. can some one give me one?

  • dipesh999dipesh999 LeuvenPosts: 1Member

    DAMMMMMMMMMMMMM i m lateeeeeeeeee , Q_Q

  • funconfuncon Key West, FLPosts: 272Member Uncommon


  • ZereiZerei Mogi das CruzesPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    I missed it :(

  • urthal22urthal22 Asbestos, QCPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    Lmao its CRAAAZY how those Keys Go like lil  hotbuns


    Its good to see they keep sending more tho ... will make having matches be faster at any time of the day

  • munimu00munimu00 HueesaeuPosts: 1Member


  • ferfdpferfdp sao pauloPosts: 1Member

    missed arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • makiimakii noPosts: 280Member

    the game isnt that good guys.

  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,249Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by makii
    the game isnt that good guys.

    Disagree - I think it's awesome.

  • lance_corelance_core New York, NYPosts: 4Member

    i finally got 1 yay


  • teftelis12teftelis12 rdwPosts: 2Member

    Ffs agian i missed.............


  • indrindr tartuPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    real terror

  • TaishiFoxTaishiFox NottinghamPosts: 816Member Uncommon

    Got mine, thanks.


  • lance_corelance_core New York, NYPosts: 4Member

    does anyone want keys i only have 3 so anyone wants?


  • IrokisIrokis VilniusPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    i need only one key. thank you in advance.

  • Calhoun619Calhoun619 Lynnwood, WAPosts: 126Member

    @lance_core I could really use one if you still have one left

  • necrowtfnecrowtf spartaPosts: 1Member


    take a beta key :)

  • LisskLissk kemerovoPosts: 1Member

    Present to the key pls,       THX!!!!!!

  • Josaki41Josaki41 Den HelderPosts: 1Member

    Please need key so much please!!



  • ClozzeClozze EnköpingPosts: 1Member

    If anyone have a smite beta key that they dont need please send me one to my mail      :)

  • FrostGamersFrostGamers LangwarrinPosts: 5Member
    Follow the instructions on this 7 second clip to go into the draw to win one of several Smite Beta Keys.

  • brujis2brujis2 Buenos AiresPosts: 1Member


  • helthroshelthros Miami, FLPosts: 1,449Member Uncommon

    I'll drop some keys soon as I get more. I was fairly disappointed with the graphics. However, the gameplay was fairly fun. I especially liked the trend away from having to CS like a madman. That's easily my least favorite part of LoL and other games of the sort.

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