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Quick armor question

snoop101snoop101 Calgary, ABPosts: 400Member Uncommon

I tried to google it and nothing though I found the answer for dragon nest. In Dragon nest your armor does not look different at all during leveling. Even at top tier it still looks the same unless you buy them from the cash shop. Does vindictus have the same thing or does armor change a lot during leveling and at top level?



  • w0wlolw0wlol BelgiumPosts: 3Member

    armours do change, but not as much as some people may thing, a big deal of your stats in vindictus come from titles you get from completing quests, or achieving some feats (killing some bosses X times, killing certain mobs in certain ways (object, spears, kicks...)) armour is nevertheless important, yet people may hang on to certain kinds of armours during their leveling without experiencing too much of a penality, but basically there is an upgrade set of armour every 10 levels or so so it does take a long time for your armour to get out of date.

    As for endgame, you have got a wide variery of set, every set has its advanteages and its disadvanteages, some sets are better for dealing damage, other are more suited for defence or crit resistance for survival, but basically people can have the liberty of choosing fashion, or have armour that suits their gamestyle or their experience in combat, since i play in the european version i do not know about the episode 10 endgame armour (wich i believe is level 70 restricted unlike all the other endgames wich are lvl 60-61 restricted (altough the level cap is 70, 60 is basically the endgame level, the following levels basically "show" an hestimate on how much you have played in the endgame zone

    so long story short, armours changes, yes, but feel free to stick to a certain kind of armour if you really like the model,  and  yes at lvl 60 you will have to get an apropriate set to wear in order to raid, however you ll have several choises availeable, and you might be able to craft some pieces with what you ll find in dungeons around lvl 53+-60

    PS: unless you play with Evie, a set wich you might want to get your hands on is the laghotesa slayer set, since its the set most people use for lvl 44-56/60, that set has exellent stats wich allows you to keep using it for a long time

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