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Second Look at NF

SuraknarSuraknar Montreal, QCPosts: 841Member Uncommon

Hey All,

Was having a discussion with guildies about the upcomming World of Battleships and I remembered that once I played Navy Field, and so decided to give the game another try.

I have to say the game has changed in many respects from what I remember and specially as far as quality and progression go.

It is much faster Progression wise now than what it was a few years ago, in a couple of days I was able to go farther than what I was in a month back in the day.

the game sports full trees for additional nations as well now, Soviet Union, Itally, France on top of USA, germany, UK and Japan, and we can now multination too.

It features Ships frm Frigates, Destroyers and Light Cruisers, to Heavy and Battle Cruisers to Battleships, Carriers and Submarines.

Bug wise I have not had any in 4 days of play, and it is pretty stable now.

There are two servers, one of which (Kaiser) offers 50% more XP at the moment (helps with progression), there is a 20% permanent XP boost too for up to level 30, and also many perks and new items that can boost XP as well that you get rewarded during battles such as Premium Sailors (permanent 20% XP), veteran and expert enhancements and many more.

The game is one of the first of its type, and it is a relativelly short download now, 600MB, it is a 2D Isometric game, but they are making Navy Field 2 which will be full 3D (currently in Alpha Testing)

It will be interesting, to compare NF2 and WoB as it seems both will be competitors.

Yet for the time being I am having a blast of Fun in the original, thought to share this with all other Naval Battle Fans, it certainly worth taking a second look at NF while waiting for the upcomming ones.



- Duke Suraknar -
Order of the Silver Star, OSS

ESKA, Playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online 1997 - Order of the Silver Serpent, Atlantic Shard


  • TheBigShowTheBigShow T-Ville, SCPosts: 4Member

    people constantly crash

    it is biased to high tier BB play

    NF2 has been in development for years

    but it is the only thing like it out there.  I play it, and will keep playing until they pull the plug.  I will not touch world of battleships looking at the turd that WoT is.


    Now, when you can get a Blitz room going, (which keeps out all the higher tiered ships)  Those are fun.  They give crappy xp/credits, but man are they fun.  Now if you want the quick grind, take your crappy ships into a GB room, get one shot by the BB4/5/6 from across the map, die, sit and wait about 4 mins for your team attack to build up, then quit the match.  You just got more exp/credits in GB while playing for 15 secs and not firing a shot than you will from winning 3 12 minute games of blitz where you sink multiple ships.

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    I love this game, but keep your eyes on World of Battleships, from the same devs as WoT and WoWarplanes.

    I wish they would give a straight answer reguarding NF2.

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