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No word

UmirshandUmirshand lake jackson, TXPosts: 47Member Uncommon

havent heard anything much about this...winter 0f 2011...passed awhile ago

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  • yodablazeyodablaze fortwashington, NVPosts: 234Member
    We are making powerful strides. We haven't updated any info as far as press is concerned because we restructured our company and business goals. The release is obviously not in 2011 and will most probably be this winter 2012.
    We are so glad that we took our time to re-design our game and re-evaluate our long term company goals. AoF will never be a F2P game EVER. Because our game is essentially an online RPG with multiplayer options and features, it is catered to the RPG enthusiast so we want to make sure our game delivers what our players want to see.
    Things are looking great so far and we will have consistent news and updates with strong personal community interaction with our fan base. Expect to see this very soon as we expect to do our official press release in July 2012.
    We have been silent due to the fact that our initial press release was a bit premature and we wanted to make sure we had a strong structure in place before releasing any further info. What we can say thus far is that the game looks great and we are excited about our progress. We will be updating our website with recent news and info later this month.
    We are a small and modest team of developers so we are quite surprised by the level of interest and support surrounding this game already. AoF is a game developed with much personal dedication and sensitivity being that our team and budget is modest, we can focus on the love of the game and community as the pressure to reach financial goals are not prevalent in our company. Because of this, we strive to bring a game and community that players will love to engage and be part of years to come.
    AoF will never go F2P as the game is essentially an RPG that happens to have multiplayer options and opportunities. Because of this, we hope to set player's hearts at ease about our long term goals and long term community stability. No sudden and unexpected changes will ever result in our game's initial business model as we can afford to concentrate on game development, customer support and community interaction due to our modest company design and goals. We are not desperate to meet a financial quota so our initial goals will simply be to provide the best game we possibly can while building an active and engrossing community.
  • UmirshandUmirshand lake jackson, TXPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    This is nice to know as I pre-ordered last year. I havent been able to connect to the forums for some time, but its nice to get an update and I'm glad the company is taking their time. Thank you again for the update :D

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  • aries623aries623 Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 28Member

    Just stumbled upon this game, looks intresting. I am going to keep my eye on this one.

  • NotoriousXNotoriousX Grande Cache, ABPosts: 197Member Uncommon
    seriusly? is this game from the 90s? just went to their website and i saw 3 sec of their gameplay was enough to remind me of 1998, and after 2 years without news this is what they came up with? lol get refund now!

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