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Looking for MineCraft Server

FringeFanBoiFringeFanBoi Myrtle Beach, SCMember Posts: 32
Exactly what title says. don't want an overcrowded server I would prefer a small family like server where everyone knows everyone. Any suggestions!?!? PVP-FACTIONS-NICE COMMUNITY-ETC-thanks!


  • IcemastaIcemasta Trois-Rivieres, QCMember Posts: 154 Uncommon

    Official Minecraft forums:


    Scroll down, go to what type of server you want, ask/look at recommended ones, this isn't exactly the best place to look for a Minecraft server.

  • ctshamectshame Land O Lakes, FLMember Posts: 104

    Check us out! :D full PvP with griefing and stealing.


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