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The Secret World: 5000 More Beta Weekend 3 Keys!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,205Administrator Uncommon has just been given an additional 5,000 beta keys for the The Secret World Beta Weekend 3 event!  Get your key now!




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  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    Here's another. I grabbed one out of habit but eh, not that interested. Have fun:


    "Forums aren't for intelligent discussion; they're for blow-hards with unwavering opinions."

  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon

    Wow, 5K more on top of the 5K?


    Server stress test?

  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member
    Originally posted by MMOGamer71
    Wow, 5K more on top of the 5K?   Server stress test?

    Pretty much.


    A lot of stuff has been overhauled and tweaked since previous test, so I guess they want to test out stability, considering the stuff that is available in this test :)


  • RightlovRightlov København KPosts: 72Member
    Originally posted by MMOGamer71
    Wow, 5K more on top of the 5K? Server stress test?

    Actually it's 5K more on top of the 10K :)

  • DarkDemon69DarkDemon69 Sacramento, CAPosts: 154Member

    Unless there is some miracle patch that we havent seen yet I expect the forums to be in flames this weekend

  • werewoodwerewood GTA, ONPosts: 76Member

    I think they know that if people that already played beta didn't pre-order already its not going to happen - at least not likely to happen in masses. So they have to market to those who did not play yet and take their chances with them. Its pure marketing strategy and a good one too. Assuming the experience will not be horrible due to performance. If they can hold the numbers then maybe some of us new beta peeps will decide its a worthy title. As said on other threads I will give them tomorrow a fair chance. But the bar did raise recently, so its not like I am going to compare them to EQ2 even (which is F2P BTW). I will compare to RIFT or TOR and definitely GW2. Lets see where it ends on my list on Monday.

  • ste2000ste2000 londonPosts: 5,845Member Epic

    Not interested, the game is another flop in the making.

    Good concept, badly executed.

  • chaod1984chaod1984 Lindenwold, NJPosts: 271Member

    lol...just love when posters flame a game they haven't played....I'd suggest everyone grab a beta key...will be worth your time

  • CaptFabulousCaptFabulous Saugerties, NYPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Bah, grabbed a key and then realized it's only good for the weekend. Stupid to do this over a holiday weekend.

    Anywho first come, first served. 


  • zinger71zinger71 Fort St John, BCPosts: 63Member Uncommon
    Too many trolls. Gamers have been asking for something new, something innovative. Funcom may have that. Keep playing the swords and sorcery titles devs think we want. Then complain three months later about being bored. Give this a chance. It's only BETA.
  • arcwestarcwest lubbock, TXPosts: 61Member

    yes i finally got one! thank you so much mmorpg.

    very much looking forward to judgeing this game for myself. and i'm finally off this weekend

  • MavekMavek Voorhees, NJPosts: 138Member

    i think the fact that its taking so long to hand them out means most people arent interested.  20k in 4-5 days for a AAA mmo?  doesnt seem to be that overwhelmeding for a site with 1 million+ users.  Granted I dont care for this game but I feel that the population is showing that we need more innovation/polish before a game is in beta/close to release

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