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reneco11reneco11 Framingham, MAPosts: 18Member Uncommon

Is this for higher lvls only and if I purchase it, will i have access if I play the free version.



  • kostoslavkostoslav somborPosts: 455Member Uncommon
    Level 75-85, if u purchase the second pack u will get fellowship pack- some vanilla zones and Moria quest pack (first expansion)
  • kostoslavkostoslav somborPosts: 455Member Uncommon
    Once u purchase something in the store u r premium, if u purchase RoR as a ftp u will have full access to lvl 75-85 quests
  • xalvixalvi brooklyn, NYPosts: 329Member

    Please check out the lotro RoR discussion before prepurchasing it, just to confirm what you are getting. They screwed most of people if not all who bought it with lies. From what i recall its just for quest, other endgame content like instances/raids etc.. is not inclused you will have to purchase them separatly.

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