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Servers (worlds): Which gets a visit from the Death Star?

WhiteCrossWhiteCross Phoenix, AZPosts: 120Member

I played SWTOR for a couple months.

Thinking of coming back after this next patch while waiting for GW2.

Is there a list, or does anyone know which servers will be "destroyed"?

Just wondering if the server my characters are on will need to move, or if they can just stay put.


  • skydiver12skydiver12 burgundPosts: 432Member

    Currently you can stay put.
    No deathstar will alderan your server.

    It may happen later (as in months).

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    There's a few safe bets as which servers won't get the axe.  The Fatman, The Harbringer, and Jedi Consulate servers are almost always the top 3 servers in terms of population.  Other servers will probably get merged into these.

  • Moaky07Moaky07 Flushing, MIPosts: 2,096Member

    Hell I would say other than the couple of server that have "Keep that Death Star shit away from me" protection, it is going to be flip a quarter time. IMO gutting 50 - 55% of the servers would do it. At least for the first round.


    I dont think they are going to get away from the PVP sub bleeding, but they should be able to stabilize the PVE population. The key is that they have to keep kicking content out.

    Asking Devs to make AAA sandbox titles is like trying to get fine dining on a McDonalds dollar menu budget.

  • WhiteCrossWhiteCross Phoenix, AZPosts: 120Member

    Does anyone have a list of "live" North American servers yet ?????

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