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Otherland at E3 2012

WintersWolfWintersWolf Gold CoastPosts: 21Member

Otherland, along with Grimlands was shown at E3 2012 this year. We had a chance to witness some gameplay from a very early build of the game.


  • MartianDeusMartianDeus New Hope, CTPosts: 7Member

    Awesome!  Really psyched for Otherland.  Can't tell much from Grimlands yet though, but still looks cool.  Did you write this article?

  • cutthecrapcutthecrap nobusinessofyoursPosts: 600Member

    I very much liked Tad Williams' Otherland books, a very recommendable read for scifi fans, from what I saw so far they managed to design several areas like I'd have expected them to look, so that's a plus.

    Will be keeping an eye on this one, see how it progresses.


    Many (for me) interesting and varied MMO's in far stages of development, I like it.

  • XAleX360XAleX360 PescaraPosts: 462Member Uncommon

    It seems like they're hardly making any progress.

    Executive Editor (Games)

  • username509username509 beverly hills, CAPosts: 635Member Common
    Originally posted by XAleX360
    It seems like they're hardly making any progress.

    I've been following this game for 6 months now and I still have next to no clue what kind of playstyle this game will have.

    I've checked out the official forums and there dead.  I mean if you only have a few hundred posts on the official forums a few months before launch that really doesn't make the game look like a potential blockbuster.  

    I hope I'm wrong. 

    It's free to play so I'll give it an honest try.

    Never trust a screenshot or a youtube video without a version stamp!

  • ellobo29ellobo29 warren, MIPosts: 420Member Uncommon

    The publisher is gamigo..... they suck! It maybe free to play but i will not spend a dime on this game for what they did to black prophecy.

    Trailer is sweet..... and the books were good.... but fact is gamigo dont know how to manage and publish a game.


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