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Allods Online: Screenshot of the Week: Allods Online Special Edition!



  • Bender78Bender78 baghdadPosts: 2Member

    Me and my pet in Gipat



    Tammuz - Nezeb - League

  • mrpopoccmrpopocc ccsPosts: 4Member

  • mrpopoccmrpopocc ccsPosts: 4Member

    Big kitten playing lol

    Character: Fereshteh

    Server:  Nezeb - League

  • RoostaproRoostapro GlasgowPosts: 2Member

    In Cradle, Dead city in the background with my blue birdy =p

    The colours in Cradle are....amazing o,o

    (Click image for larger Photo)


    IGN: Roostapro

    Faction: League

    Server: Nezeb


  • princehadeprincehade Palm Bay, FLPosts: 1Member

    My favorite kitty chasing his favorite clew through Lightwood.


    Character: Maleko

    Server:  Nezeb - League

  • gideongreenegideongreene Edmonton, ABPosts: 1Member

    Kokanee and Arcadia enjoying a sit next to the waterfall in the Kingdom of Nature

    Kokanee and Arcadia sitting next to a waterfall in Kingdom of Nature

    Character: Kokanee

    Server: Tensess - League

  • BitanboaBitanboa BayonnePosts: 1Member

  • MystrainfireMystrainfire Macon, MOPosts: 1Member

    Adularia - Tensess-League

  • charlievancharlievan san jose, CAPosts: 1Member


    Just doing some a4 at Webwarden Pass

    They say those eyes can stare straight into your soul. >:)

  • HydrochloricHydrochloric new berlin, WIPosts: 1Member

    Hclftwinning - Nezeb - Empire
  • shadowfigureshadowfigure Syracuse, NYPosts: 1Member


  • l0o0ll0o0l cairoPosts: 2Member

    Zeuslightning - nezeb - league

    i was climbing mountains in siveria and i really liked the view from there, specially the sun and the clouds :)

  • ArcavengerArcavenger Chicago, ILPosts: 1Member

    Me and my friends With our trustie pets =)

    Of course Whats a greatmage without his trustie crow by his side? ^



    (click view image to view the whole thing n not this chopped up version ^^)

  • lc831chicalc831chica seaside, CAPosts: 1Member

    Kiita and her most loyal battle companion, Loki, fiercly guarding the newborn dragons.

    Kiita - Nezeb (soon to be Yul with the merge today) - League

  • Dcc00Dcc00 MaPosts: 1Member


    This is me in the tensess temple, and my lovely grimmwolf

    Dccbp, Nezeb (almost Yul) Empire

  • muhamed992muhamed992 fiju, HIPosts: 2Member

    blackknightt / league /nezeb

  • muhamed992muhamed992 fiju, HIPosts: 2Member

    Blackknightt / league /nezeb

  • GendisarrayGendisarray new haven, CTPosts: 1Member

    me about to solo a raid boss on my trusty steed

    Gendisarray - Tensess

  • Gecko611Gecko611 Salt Lake, UTPosts: 2Member

    <a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

    Reefer Madness Takineg on Xaes

    Shootingscar Nezeb League



  • heyboogerheybooger warrensburg, MOPosts: 1Member

    Riding through Coba Plateau

    Character: Hokk


  • cyernezebcyernezeb Columbia, MDPosts: 2Member

    IGN: Cyer

    Server: Nezeb

  • Gecko611Gecko611 Salt Lake, UTPosts: 2Member

    Reefer Madness
    Raiding XAES
    Nezeb - Yul


  • FstBlack4FstBlack4 Statesville, NCPosts: 1Member



    Headless horseman you say? He's the worst you say? Hey I have a head blazing with demonic fire. I'd say you have more to fear from me!

    Character: Velkion

    Server: Tensess/ Yul

    Faction: League


  • pseutheopseutheo Arcata, CAPosts: 1Member

    Jerry on MoS mount in Nezebgrad

    This is a picture of my main Jerrygarcia riding his Tep's Undertaker mount at the opposite factions Christmas tree in Nezebgrad. The mount was accidentily issued to me after a forum contest and later taken back when the skin was ACTUALLY released to the game. Still my favorite mount, and location, the imps couldn't attack me in the spot I was standing I later found out.




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