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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Five Reasons to Keep Playing



  • AnubisanAnubisan Boulder, COPosts: 1,798Member Uncommon

    Unlike most people around here, I actually enjoyed SWTOR. I am not currently subbed though...

    I will return once they have merged servers/allowed transfers and have added the LFG tool. I enjoyed playing the game a lot, but eventually it got to be EXTREMELY difficult to find groups for flashpoints on my server. This problem needs to be fixed yesterday and I have to say I am somewhat surprised they haven't done something about it already. It should have been priority #1.

  • DaduHulkDaduHulk Miami, FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    It seems amazing to me how much hate and furor some of the comments show. So you walked away for whatever reason (not fun, etc). Good for you. Lets allow demand to rule : if people stay on, the game will continue, if enouh people leave, it will go down. Why all the hate?


    I am still playing SW:TOR. I have 3 L50s and one L32 I am working on.  I learned a long time ago that some people like chocolate and some strawberry. 2 of my Brothers got heavily into AoC, and have been playing (and still do), while I went to GW and played that for years.


    Maybe is because I am PvE and don't PvP. Most of my PvP friends left already. I find the alternate sotries interesting and enjoy more leveling an alt from 1 to 49 than playing the L50s. I do play them every now and then but get tired of dailies. Since I still have many races and classes to try, I still have plenty of fun to have with it.


    So, before grabbing your axe and going barbarian ont he comments, take a deep breath. Some people still play this. Some people still play AoC! I am playing SW:TOR and D3 (talk abotu dissappointment) until GW2 is out, then, humm... we will see.

  • toddzetoddze no where, OKPosts: 2,142Member Uncommon

    Oh how I long for the days of real MMO's to return. I dont know if they need to make a new genre for true mmo's and let these Online Rpgs with MMO options keep the MMORPG genre themselves or not.

    But real MMORPGS have always been a niche market, there was a market for them 10 years ago and there still is a market for them now. It just boggles my mind that no one has the ability to develop one anymore. I am hoping AA can pull it off.  RPG's should have evolved into online RPGs instead of the MMORPG genre de-evolving to fill the market that there is a major crowd for.

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  • DaduHulkDaduHulk Miami, FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Quizzical
    As I type this, there are 56 previous replies to this thread.  The only two that aren't clearly negative are "I'm looking forward to the free trial" (reply #12) and "it was fun for a while but then I quit" (reply #9).  That says quite a bit by itself, don't you think?  

    Those of us who liek the game are busy playing and not posting against hate fans. :)

  • ktanner3ktanner3 lakeland, FLPosts: 4,050Member Uncommon

    As a fan of this game I have to say that was some pretty weak arguments.

    -"Because it's Star Wars" isn't a good reason to play it. There have been numerous games with the IP, some good and some bad. In fact I'd say that the IP has become diluted because of over exposure and no longer holds the same magic it once had. No game should get a free pass because of the IP. I also love Star Trek, but after two months of STO, I wasn't willing to pay a monthly sub because of my love for the IP.

    -Server Transfers/Merges should have been ready to go by the three month mark. Any reading up on recent MMO history would tell you that a themepark game has high initial subs and then a steep drop after. Hoping that your game will be the exception(WOW) and ignore this fact is foolish.

    The LFG tool and Server Transfers need to happen ASAP because the people leaving now are the people who like it for what it is, but can't play for lack of people

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  • DaduHulkDaduHulk Miami, FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    I would like to know which is the developer (if any) that is NOT after making money? Every single developer of any kind of game is out to sell it and make money. Either that, or they give it away for free.

  • NildenNilden Canada, NBPosts: 1,924Member Rare
    Originally posted by DaduHulk
    I would like to know which is the developer (if any) that is NOT after making money? Every single developer of any kind of game is out to sell it and make money. Either that, or they give it away for free.

    There's a big difference between releasing a quality game and being honest and shoving a half broken POS out the door and twisting the truth about whats in it.

    "classification of games into MMOs is not by rational reasoning" - nariusseldon
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  • DaduHulkDaduHulk Miami, FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by nilden
    Originally posted by DaduHulk
    I would like to know which is the developer (if any) that is NOT after making money? Every single developer of any kind of game is out to sell it and make money. Either that, or they give it away for free.

    There's a big difference between releasing a quality game and being honest and shoving a half broken POS out the door and twisting the truth about whats in it.


    Are you taking about Diablo 3? :-)

    I find SW:TOR playable. I have run into a bug here and there, but nothing that keeps me from playing, getting my char to L50, etc. The servers stay up (even at first with queues etc) and their patch/update release system seems to work well.


    I was watching a video review the other day and was wondering about the timming issue. How much does timming impact the push for release, when you have others in Beta? Did EA/Bio push this out to take advantage of this 6 month "space" where few contenders can impact the release? Like it or not, this is an importantant issue and again, as capitalist ventures, they do have to consider this. What to release now and what we can add on later as we go impact every software I have ever worked on.

  • ArteanArtean GöteborgPosts: 214Member Uncommon

    Your list is about as unethusiastic as the game itself. Not very convincing.

    When in doubt, troll.

  • DaduHulkDaduHulk Miami, FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    To the thread in general : I support many of my friends who have unsub (for now) and stated they might try later when what they want (PvP fixes and other mentioned issues) are addressed. I understand their position. They understand I am a PvE leveler and thus for me it delivers great. Yes, it also impacts me the low population and difficulty making a group for anything.


    BUT, as long as I see that they are aware of the issue and working on it I still have hope for it and, at least, can see that it provides good fun for some people out there. So even if I left to go play GW2 I wouldn't hate it, I would just be dissapointed and a bit sad.


    In a world were we have less games to play on PCs and everything goes to consoles and now your phone, I am glad to see titles still come out for my favorite platform and hope for every one of them to be a big success. I never subscribed to WoW, I played the free trial and it was ok, but don't hate it and wish the very best to all the people who enjoy playing it. For every genre, big or small, there is at least one fan out there. And I don't hope for the dissappearnce of any of them, even if I don't like/play them.


    Many are not a pure MMO? Oh well. Whats pure? Most of my dogs are muts and I love them the same.

  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern
    I don't even need to read the article to know how this thread will end up.

    You are so right!

    I remember SWTOR for being more repetative than WoW ever knew how to be.

    I remember the 4 weak NPCs, then 1 strong + 1 weak  - repeat continuously with 1 more powerful NPC at the end.

    Horribly repetative.

  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO SomewherePosts: 1,326Member

    It’s Star Wars!

    Not a reason to keep playing. It's a reason to be interested in playing of the game were any good, but not a reason to bore yourself to death, not in the least.

    Free Transfers & Permanent Free Trials are Coming!

    They're not here now, so no reason to even think about it yet.

    PvP is Fun*



    Playing With Others

    If there's one thing TOR isn't good at, it's at having you play with others.

    Expanding Your Legacy

    FFS Why? Rerolling to experience mostly the same thing? Yawn! I think I'll pass on this one too.

    None of these reasons are real reason to keep on playing. To me there aren't any at all at this point.


  • ThorbrandThorbrand West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 1,198Member

    It’s Star Wars!

    Sorry but all the Star Wars games have pretty much killed the franchise for me. Even SWG wasn't that good of a game.

    Free Transfers & Permanent Free Trials are Coming!

    This has no bearing on if I will play a game or not.

    PvP is Fun*

    PvP in SWTOR fun? I missed that memo.

    Playing With Others

    SWTOR zones where so under populated that is didn't even meet the definition of a MMO.

    Expanding Your Legacy

    Didn't care about Legacy when the game launched and still wouldn't. Thought it was a bad idea for a MMO.

  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAPosts: 818Member Uncommon

    "It’s Star Wars!"

    stopped reading here

  • knighthammerknighthammer norwichPosts: 22Member

    Reason 1 - Because its Star Wars!, for me its not, its a generic sci-fi game with a few SW elements, i dont get the SW feeling from it and leaves me as hollow as the prequal trilogy did - i grew up during the originals and the books after so maybe its my predjudice coming out, i left after that hollow feeling continued day after day

    Star Wars Galaxies relaunch by December 2012

  • ArawniteArawnite NewcastlePosts: 163Member



    BioWare deserves to fail, they spent far too much on a crappy game.

  • VudujooseVudujoose Elizabeth City, NCPosts: 1Member
    Originally posted by Praetalus
    Originally posted by Mephster
    Sorry but the majority has already spoken and still are. Playing and supporting bad games is only hurting the mmo genre.

    This is a ridicous statement and in my opinion is what is ruining the mmo genre. What you're bascially saying is, " I don't like it and you supporting it is hurting ME". It is absolutely insane to tell someone not to play something they like playing for ANY reason. If they're enjoying it, they should play it. The "bad games" as you have deemed them are still enjoyed by others, even though you may not like them. There are still people playing Eq1 for shits sake... is that hurting you?


    I have moved on from Star Wars, but may return in the future. Saying that people supporting the game is hurting the MMO community is nonsense. There's room for everyone to play what they like. 

    It divides players, and becomes a hurdle for when a new game comes out worth playing. For example, the vast majority of World of Warcraft players, play WoW because it's the facebook of MMO's. It's where your freinds are, it's where you know everyone buy real names and can keep up with people. For this reason it works and has a large population and probably always will.


    TOR on the other hand has a very depleted population (I quit 2 weeks after turning 50 and I was server first marauder on Tertatek) and does nothing but break up the population of players who might have played say Guild Wars 2, but they have too much invested in a newly (and lets be honest) flopped game that noone plays anymore (loose term).


    When you have invested years in something like World of Warcraft, you don't mind so much when it's time to move on because your initial cost plus the subs gave you great times for years. When you have invested 60+ dollars and subs into a game that didnt hold a peak for more than 4 months, your more invested (monitariy) and will hold on to the dying breath hoping you didn't just waste your money. That 60+ dollars and the 4+ months of subs has now cost you more than the enjoyment that you have recieved. 


    This is a lot like buying a Jet ski, the average cost for a Yamaha VX Sport (MSRP) is 9,000.00 USD this ends up beaing closer to 14,000.00 USD with trailer, taxes, title fee's etc. The summer where I live is considered from April to mid October sometimes November (rarely Nov.) So thats 7 months of  riding time if you ride it once a month (most don't). Okay now its Late November and your ski is winterized and completely useless, but your still paying the 300-400 USD. a month payment for the next 5 months until you can poull the cover off and ride it agian.


    The point is that the money spent isn't worth the fun had to most.


    Same with gamers. Most gamers get discouraged when paying 60+ dollars a game and subs monthly, just to find that the game they are now invested in is completely bunk. This discourages gamers from trying other games, which (not proven) in my opinion is the reason that World of Warcraft is STILL the highest sub'ed game after almost a decade.


    World of Warcraft is a safe choice. TOR was a good try but it is now just another one of those games that people are playing because they don;t want to feel as though they have wasted their money.

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    Note to game publishers: beware of viral schadenfreude.

  • clumsytoes44clumsytoes44 portland, ORPosts: 463Member Uncommon

    There is no way in hell i'll reinstall this game on my pc. On a side note, the disk's make great coffee coaster's :p

  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,769Member Uncommon

    I love this game, many people still love this game. I think a lot of the "bad" comes from trolls on websites like this who will make up anything they can to bash a game. I've seen it happen to every MMO over the last 2 years. What BioWare has done with SW:TOR has pushed the genre forward in many ways, whether people want to admit it or not. The second SW:TOR was announced and what BioWare's intentions were with the game, it influenced almost every other MMO out there to put extra focus on things that had been severely lacking in this genre, such as story and personalized progression experiences in these games.

    One of their biggest mistakes was opening too many servers, when you do that then your population gets discouraged as it receeds due to the community being so spread out. the Mega-Servers will fix that and let's be honest this is the route they should have taken at launch, and ANY new MMO should take this approach.

    The quality SW:TOR delivers for an MMO is really unrivaled, and MMO players are really, really, really, really, really, REALLY harsh critics. All it takes is a handful of trolls, and then suddenly you have an endless pool of game bashing and trolling going on in each community.

  • GamerUntouchGamerUntouch smithville ON, ONPosts: 488Member

    PvP is Fun*


    lol'd at the *

  • CromicaCromica West Fargo, NDPosts: 657Member Uncommon

    There is nothing that anyone could do that would get me to play SWTOR again.

  • velmaxvelmax palm bay, FLPosts: 216Member Uncommon

    The reason I left was because i felt they were paying more attention to the legacy system, imo i dont care abou the legacy system they need to focus on endgame.

  • VidirVidir GothenburgPosts: 961Member Uncommon

    After finishing my class quest I found it imposible to find any reason to keep playing this game.

  • TorgrimTorgrim GothenburgPosts: 2,088Member

    Worst 5 reasons I have ever read in my life.

    Bagdad Bob is that you?

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

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