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Browser Game to play during work.

MutamiMutami Hamersville, OHPosts: 20Member

I work in tech support and need a new game to play in browser.  I have played a lot of browser MMOs such as Settlers, Evony, Lord of Ultima, Drakensang, Crystal Saga, and Command & Conquer. I want to hear what you guys play, if any, and why you like it. Please no "you should be working" bull crap, work gets done in a timely manner. 



  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Asheville, NCPosts: 366Member

    Some browers games i suggest playing are



    It is one of the best if not the best browers game out on todays market. It has so much content that it is crazy and they keep adding more and more each week. It is free to play or if you want to Subscribe there sub price is just 7.95




    It is a nice little browers game that  adds content at a pretty steady pace and the set of the game is not your usual fantasy game.



    A mystic land:

    This game is pretty cool to play. To me the game has nice charming 3d graphics and its pretty cool


    Adventure Quest Worlds:

    This is a fun 2d browser game that alot of people play. It has a pretty decent quests and has a lot of events like for holidays and things like that

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