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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Bioware Rocked By Layoffs



  • BleakmageBleakmage Plattsburgh, NYPosts: 174Member
    Originally posted by chelao
    Originally posted by Bleakmage
    Originally posted by chelao I dont currently play the game I want to but I cant decide becouse I bought the Collectors Edition.

    Say again?

    yes I bought Collectors Edition becouse I love star wars movies and not neccesserie SWTOR and im not currently subscribe but I been thinking of subscribing and why becouse thers no good MMO's right now at this moment to be playing other than Guild Wars 2 that already bought and play the beta in so you may be laughing becouse I bought it and thers another reason why I am not subscribe currently on SWTOR reasons I quite is becouse thers lots and lots of people complaining about the game and makes me not play it becouse I am worry about playing SWTOR with people saying bad Stuff on You Tube and other places like google but at the same time I have seen Reviews on IGN, GameSpot, G4,MMOHUT and also MMORPG and they gave SWTOR a good review so I am wondering is this game good or not?  I will say SWTOR just came out and I think it has potential but I dont want to be ther or play it currently becouse that Potential is not ther yet and I could be playing other games like Planet Side 2 and Guild Wars 2 or Mechwarrior Online. So we Have to wait and see what Happens To SWTOR. 

    Thank you for clarifying sir/ma'am :D

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