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popular west MMOs

vlasveldvlasveld vernon, BCPosts: 17Member

Aside from WOW, what are the most popular 2 MMO's in the west right now?


  • vlasveldvlasveld vernon, BCPosts: 17Member

    67 views and no one can help me out :(  ??

  • JazqaJazqa MPosts: 465Member

    I can't tell you any facts but I think SW:TOR is probably in top three.  For p2p I guess Eve online and Rift are kinda populated too..

    As for f2ps I guess World of Tanks is kinda big deal in case you count that as MMO I have never really tried it. MMOs that have turned from F2P to P2P are pretty popular too.. Aion, DCUO and Lotro the first 3 that pops to my head.


    No facts there... just my opinion after reading some forums.

  • vlasveldvlasveld vernon, BCPosts: 17Member

    Thanks so much!

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