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WARNING: Fake MoP "Beta Invitation" email

stragen001stragen001 ReadingMember Posts: 1,720 Uncommon

Just received this email APPARENTLY from although that is probably spoofed.

It looks pretty authentic, so beware! I know this is a fake because:

1) I have never given the email address this was sent to to blizzard

2) They are trying to get you to goto highly dodgy links. Hovering over either the link which is apparently to or the link which is apparently to "play free now" will send you to:

As you can see. This is NOT a legit link. Be Warned. DONT GO THERE




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  • pudgyfellowpudgyfellow Parker, COMember Posts: 1

    Just got the email.  It is fake.

    The link opens up which looks almost convincing except that if it were real, Pandaria wouldn't be spelled incorrectly, and a realistic link could have been

    So delete it.  You were not invited.

  • redcap036redcap036 AdelaideMember Posts: 1,226 Uncommon

    I never click any link from battlenet in any email, i always go thru the booked marked link i have stored.

  • VengeSunsoarVengeSunsoar Member Posts: 5,810 Rare

    I got it as well, almost clicked on it, then thought hmm. Went ot warcraft account, nope I'm not even listed in their beta offerings :)

    But it does indeed look legit.


  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Pittsville, VAMember Posts: 5,386 Uncommon

    Just got one of these. They've changed the links. I Imagine they're doing a lot of this now because of the D3 launch. Header says it's from a yahoo email address.

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  • svannsvann san jose, CAMember Posts: 1,810 Uncommon

    Shoot.  Ive seen at least a dozen of these but I still got excited today when I got another.

  • trickydudetrickydude new york, NYMember Posts: 3

    just a tip, never use comcast email, it sucks, it marks battlenet official mails spam, never stops the real scam emails

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