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Trying to find encouraging words

SwankyBoySwankyBoy Posts: 233Member Uncommon

This game was seriously frustrating right off the bat

At first, the website looks kind of shady. I'm a web designer fresh out of college and I could have made a website in one night that had so much more detail and depth to it

Right when you start the game, you click around the castle that you first start at, and you are instantly attacked by lvl 70 monsters.  What is the reason for that? 

I'm not sure what this game is trying to accomplish. I hate with a passion being negative about games, but it is very hard to be positive about this one



  • ForlornGamesForlornGames Lapel, INPosts: 33Member


    Did you try talking to Annabeth Scott the NPC with the serious eye infection?

    She will explain the basics of the game. She will then point you to a dungeon that has level 1 monsters in it to cut your teeth at fighting.

    You are not meant to wander around where you start in the Map as the monsters will as you have discovered be too hard to fight.

    If you follow the basic training quests from Annabeth you will find dungeons and slowly learn how to use the game.

    If you ignore what Annabeth has to say then it may very well be too overwhelming for you.

    I am sorry you dislike my website, what exactly do you not like about it?

    Also if you check out our wiki at you may find a lot of information that you may have overlooked.

    The game site at or is literally used to access the game and the game itself if you want more help you can use the Library / Support and Help menus in game which have links to both the support site and the wiki page etc ...

    Edit: I have updated the game login page with links to the Wiki, and also the Character selection page.

    But please do let me know what it is you do not like about the site. Thanks!


    Owner of Lands of Hope Phoenix Edition


  • martinjaymartinjay Warren, OHPosts: 3Member

    I have been playing at the game most of today, I wanted to try something different, and this sounded different.

    So far my frustrations are, first, with no intuitive documentation it is really a click fest and that wears thin fast. Why am I in the second quest quided dungeon, opening treasure chests with items that need a skill whose name I forget already, (identify should kinda have been enough), that is requesting level 20- 70 (so far) of this skill? It was nice enough to tell me I am at level 0, but I have no idea how or where to upgrade this skill. It was not much help that in the first area I was easily able to identify either one at a time, or use the lovely identify all button that is virtually useless to me now. My best guess is that by the time I click enough to figure that out I will be leveled well past any usefulness the items might have provided. I have not checked yet, as I vaulted the items (Thank you for making that free and easy!!), but I will not be surprised if the NPC value of unidentified items is at a penalty.

    I am not giving up. I did learn how to upgrade my current skills so all hope is not lost. I am also more than satisfied with the $5.00 charge, very very nice these days.

    I do not have enough faith in Time-Warner to completely blame the slow slow steps through the maps entirely on the server, but I do play full 3D games and travel with no such loading issues. At this point I don't imagine there are enough paying customers to juice it up but I sincerely hope that it will go a bit faster one day.

    For the record, I could not get the 3 videos you listed for newbs to run. I will try to stick it out and maybe use the steps traveling time to start writing down some of these little things I run into for an eventual true getting started guide. Since the $5 is so reasonable, I will be paying that regardless of any issues I might find or imagine. Thank you for not being greedy and for all the work you've done with this game.

  • ForlornGamesForlornGames Lapel, INPosts: 33Member

    This NPC teaches the Appraisal skill but not till around level 35.

    You can ask other players to identify items for you, or find Appraisal NPCs to do it for you at a cost of ingame money.

    Once you have the Skill you can raise it appraising Items OR Appraising monsters, the latter tends to be faster due to the varied nature of item levels.

    The Server itself was moved a couple of months ago, from being hosted at my house using a powerful server TO being hosted in a world class data center on an even more powerful server so I am not sure why you are experiencing speed issues on certain parts of it.

    Again this could be an issue with the way your computer is setup. Perhaps an add-on running in the browser you are using to play the game.

    Have you tried using a different web browser? The game should work in pretty much any browser some seem to be faster than others.


  • martinjaymartinjay Warren, OHPosts: 3Member

    Thanks for the reply! The "speed" thing is probably just not being used to this format game, take a step, the dice rolls, result... I am sure I'll adjust, esp with game under the watch of persons who seem to be paying attention (looks to see if the sky is falling). Thanks again for the reply.

  • ForlornGamesForlornGames Lapel, INPosts: 33Member

    Well good luck!

  • martinjaymartinjay Warren, OHPosts: 3Member

    Changed browsers, sailing along well. Ty for the advice.

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