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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Update 1.3 and Beyond



  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by crysent
    Again:  Why is mmorpg and ToR so proud of the legacy system?  The game adds essentially NOTHING in terms of content, it's minor fluff for people that enjoy re-rolling alts and minor emotes. Seriously, I've never seen a more underwhelming game feature touted so much.  What ToR needs to do is STOP focusing on the legacy system and start focusing on real, solid, end game content. Why the MMORPG writer refuses to ask any good questions is beyond me..  And of course they refuse to touch the large population drop in game.  Would love to hear a question about Ilum..    

    Khm ... are you playing at all swtor? I.e. all my alts now have all possible bufs for all classes. My Jedi Knight have buff of my Smugglar and all other classes. This is one of the best additions ... but looking forward being able to have mailbox on ship, have increase in basic run or speeder speed, ... etc .... They are for sure not essential for gameplay .. but they are there if you have one or many alts as I do.

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by jtcgs
    "1.2 was huge. It was almost like re-shipping the game but without the ability to wipe and start over" Umm..Wut? Who does this guy think he is fooling? Seriously...I dont even think a fanboy could spin the derp out of that one.  

    Again another one that obviously does not play at all swtor, otherwise would not stay such nonsense. I'm playing since day 1 and 1.2 was and it is HUGE.

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Alalala
    Pre-ordered, played, unsubscribed.  Laughed at BW/EA email begging me to return for a free month - game's not worth playing even when free.  Tic-tac-toe has better game play and is better designed that SWTOR.  Wait.  Why are we still talking about this game anyway?  Is there a tie-in with 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking?      

    All we that enjoy game really a lot are glad you left. Will not miss you. :-)

  • SandboxSandbox SwedenPosts: 295Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Illyssia

    Patch 1.4 is going to be a big content update, so SWTOR should be in good shape as an mmo.

    I suppose you mean Publish 14 as you mention the word mmo...

  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Posts: 7,054Member Epic
    Originally posted by mmoDAD
    Daniel Erickson is a cocky buffoon and poor addition to the dev team. I remember reading his "what players really want guide" a few years before the launch of SWTOR. I wish I could find it again to link. It was completely off the mark. I remember when he was asked a simple question during one of the SWTOR conventions. He was asked how big the worlds are and how long it would take to walk across them. Daniel, knowing that they are the smallest and most linear maps ever made, starts tap-dancing like a politician. I remember when someone brought up the importance of space exploration, as space is a big part of the Star Wars Universe. He replies, "When did Han ever tell Chewie, 'Hey, let's just go fly off and dick around in space.'" The convention laughs and buys his little conjuring spell. The only good thing about their terrible idea of space was the popular client-side leveling exploit. I got tired of hitting the space bar every 2 seconds.   This guy is an idiot.  

    Everything DE was agents are features I wanted in my MMO. Things he thinks the Dev team should focus on were always minor things that have little impact on what is fun game play. A lead writer should never be the one taking the lead in a MMO. Story is important but takes second place to GAME PLAY. I dont care that my Jedi had a son and he is a Smuggler, if I cant switch my AC because its so badly designed I cant do anything in PvP. Sorry tanks in PvP suck just like any other game. Its nothing like we were promised. James Olson would have made this game great as he knew what great game mechanics were and always had great ideas but for some reason he always took back seat to what DE was spewing. I am so close to unsubbing its not funny. Everything BW is doing wrong ANet seems to be doing right with GW2. If things dont get fixed soon I will be leaving for GW2 and never looking back, even though I have been waiting for a GOOD Star Wars MMO since launch day of EQ1. Again I am let down by a IP that should be great!

    Wanna try SWToR? Or have not played in a few months. Please click my refer a friend link below and you get rewards as well.

  • KyBoKyBo Fort Wayne, INPosts: 140Member Uncommon

         I'm already not a fan of these PR friendly, softball interviews, which are put together by big game companies and gaming sites even more often than the Obama administration and NBC news, but it's even worse when Daniel Erickson does them.  Even in the easiest format possible for a person to have an interview that reflects positively on both them and the company they represent, he still somehow manages to come off as a douchebag.


    Here are few tips for Erickson, because he seriously needs them:


    1.  The people who play, or have played, the game know when your answers are bullsh!t.


    Example:  "Legacy was the big hit. Players are making all sorts of new species-class combinations, rolling out their Legacy powers and flying around with their rocket boots. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."


    One look at the SWTOR forums when update 1.2 went live completely disproves this point.  Of the long list of complaints people had, the biggest were that there was too much focus on legacy, that the cost of the items and abilities you could get from legacy cost too damn much, specifically abilities like rocket boost, and that many of the abilities themselves were weak and not worth spending any credits on.  If the feedback had been so overwhelmingly positive, there wouldn't be a need for server transfers, because the game would not be hemoraging subscriptions.


    2.  Exaggerating the accomplishments that you're proud of makes you look like a tool.


    Example: "1.2 was huge.  It was almost like re-shipping the game but without the ability to wipe and start over."


    Now, I grant that update 1.2 was big, but to the point where it was like re-shipping the entire game, with voice overs, entire planets and all?  Really?  I mean, are you retarded?  If this were even remotely true, then I weep for the underwhelming updates to come, now that an unknown portion of the game's staff has been reassigned or laid off.


    3.  When asked to even hint about future content, especially in a game struggling to retain players, any answer that starts with the word, "No" is the wrong answer.


    Example:  MMORPG: Where would you like to take the event system from here? Can you give us any hints as to what players may see in 2012? 

    Daniel Erickson: No hints!  


    When players that you really need to keep subscribed are on the fence about whether or not to continue playing, and are looking for any info that might reassure them that something interesting is coming, you don't dismiss a question out of hand that could easily catch their interest.  Even a bad joke of an answer to the question, such as, "Cute furry little space kittens" is still a better answer than, "No hints!"


         The sad part about this interview is that it isn't the worst that Erickson has done.  In fact, when compared to the live Q&A he did at a game conference before the game launched, where he openly started mocking a questioner he dissagreed with, this is actually a good PR interview for Erickson.  Is there any wonder that they sometimes have communication issues with the SWTOR community?  The worst part is that the next person in line to do PR for the game is likely Dallas Dickinson, and anyone who remembers his comments from shortly after the NGE, where he proclaimed that SOE was receiving "mostly positive feedback" from the community, already understand that Dickinson is even worse.  


  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member

    wow bro your mad and so right.. I understand when a dev wanna keep a feature secret, but as you said there should be some hint given out to peak the community interest, heck even RIFT gives a heads up and deliver what they have plan.

    These guys copied Wow launch tactic but fail to see the big picture.. When wow launched it had no other major competition for more than a year, so person were willing to stick through the rough times.. Nowadays persons quit faster than I know what, and dev are still launching mmo unfinished with features that should be norm in these times..

    Persons might argue the LFG tool was left out to force persons to ask around, mere fact is mmo player of now is more casual and find it just silly that you don't have a feature the almost all mmo have now, it just seems like a step backward.

    Hope those that still play enjoys it and have the patience to look past the shortcomings.

    They generally say give an mmo 3-6 months after launch to see where its going but with the market getting more crowded dev's better start stepping up there game..
  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by daltanious

    All we that enjoy game really a lot are glad you left. Will not miss you. :-)

    By the end of the year, you'll be missing those people plenty when you have just a handful of servers and EA puts SWTOR on life support. That's what EA do, look at Warhammer. The community of SWTOR should be trying to help keep people playing not pushing them away. They'll definately regret it when people don't even bother to come back for updates and give the game a try. Other games have came out and are still yet to come out for this year, that pull even more people away from SWTOR that is lacking in so many ways. SWTOR is in for a rocky rest of the year.


    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

  • LowcaianLowcaian NsjoPosts: 265Member

    I am ex. SWG and I can assure you that I am.

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