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Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes: Amenadresh Returns!



  • KostKost Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,975Member Common

    Also, Carrie blatantly lies about various subjects within that interview.

    It's quite sad to be honest.

    Makes it very easy to see why the activity on the FB page is so low, people are tired of dealing with her bullshit.

    She's all talk and no action. Well, talk is cheap, and I'm not buying any. Unfortunately I did buy seven heroes from the game, at the original prices (not the now reduced prices) and I have learned, after months of outright fabrications and denial, that investing another dollar into this game would be akin to lighting that money on fire and flushing it down the toilet.

    Nobody gives a rats ass about the Liche Priest. The Warrior Priest has been requsted non-stop ever since it's removal. Yet, you chose to ignore player feedback once again and add yet another healer who is your typical caster. The reason the WP was requested so often is because the melee healer adds a different dynamic to the game that is not currently present.

    Instead, we were ignored and got this, as a result nothing changes and the two healer meta remains the same.

    For someone who claims they play the game she sure isn't very well informed as to what it legitimately needs to evolve.

  • demonic87demonic87 strathroy, ONPosts: 438Member Uncommon

    There is honestly 0 tactics in this game. You just spam your 5 buttons if they are off cooldown and choose the champ that counters the enemies.

  • GettCoupedGettCouped Staten Island, NYPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    Jeez guys.  The hatorade for this game is immense.  It's a good game.

  • sapphensapphen Madison, NCPosts: 911Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by GettCouped
    Jeez guys.  The hatorade for this game is immense.  It's a good game.

    LOL I agree the hate seems a little overboard.  WoH isn't for me but it's not a bad game.

    Personally I think it was an excellent idea to make it from WAR, good use of resources and it's nice to see the IP get another chance.  I have a feeling we may see more developers try something like this;  I'd love to see a version for Age of Conan, SWTOR, Rift or even some of the MMOs that didn't make it like Tabula Rasa or Spellborn.

  • ZolgarZolgar Glouster, OHPosts: 533Member
    Originally posted by GettCouped
    Jeez guys.  The hatorade for this game is immense.  It's a good game.

    The love of the Warhammer (both fantasy and 40k) IP is massive. The disappointment of Age of Reckoning is probably still fresh in many peoples minds as well, I'd imagine. So it's not a surprise to me when I see people getting upset that Paul Barnett said Age of Reckoning was boring, and causing more issues between the studio and (what's left of) the player base. 


    I've not played WoH, so I cfannot say whether or not it is "good", I personally don't like MOBAs though. I do know that I would have much rather had more updates/fixes/etc to Age of Reckoning rather than WoH, and I'd be willing to bet that more people would rather have a fully fleshed out Warhammer MMO than a Warhammer MOBA.

    0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3

  • pierthpierth San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    While the hate for this game is indeed overboard, the actual issues presented in this thread are valid. As far as the CS goes, it's absolutely slanted toward those that pay in the cash shop- you'll never be on par with those players/teams on F2P regardless of skill. On top of that, the costs for the CS items and characters (outside of sales) is at a cost that's very unwelcoming to the average player. For those players that like to pay for advantage this game gives them an obvious and substantial advantage.

  • AsamofAsamof La Canada, CAPosts: 818Member Uncommon

    so depressing that they dropped warhammer online for this garbage

    EA at its finest

  • ControlBlueControlBlue Not your business, NCPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    If only they understood that people wanted 3-teams pvp only for large-scale battles.

    This game is terrible, they started from a great idea and did mistakes after mistakes, and that, despite their playerbase giving them enough feedback to prevent it. And worst of all, they have been greedy as hell!

    Seems like there is no hope for Bioware-Mythic.

  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon

    There is little point to this game just get MOBA 2 beta or play League of Legends. Both will innovate listen and implement.  The communities behind those 2 games are massive, may not be the best but you will find people to fight with.  No idea what bloodline champions is like.

  • WorstluckWorstluck the valley, CAPosts: 1,269Member

    EA definitely does not understand how to run a cash shop.  Look at Battlefield Heros and even the Need for Speed game.  This game is the same, they overvalue things imo. 


    This game is shameful.  What EA has done to the Warhammer IP and why Games Workshop has allowed them to do it is beyond me. 


  • LonzoLonzo GoettingenPosts: 256Member Uncommon

    This game is so NOT interesting.... it is not even funny...

  • ghostinfinitghostinfinit Nottingham, MDPosts: 552Member Uncommon


  • kreakrea NetherlandsPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    realy suprised they even did bring this out and not just focus on warhammer instead of some addon that is maked from war.

  • jtcgsjtcgs New Port Richey, ILPosts: 1,777Member

    Hey Warhammer, you want me back? Then extend your shop and go Free 2 Play...the game isnt worth a monthly fee even with 2 more xpacs.

    Companies need to understand that most MMOs are not worth paying for because of their choice to make a game for a small set of players...THAT is why you dont retain them. So, if you want a chance to have a larger playerbase, stop charging monthly fees and make a cash shop.

    Time to face reality, you made a bad choice targetting a small amount of players.

    “I hope we shall its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." ~Thomes Jefferson

  • ImpsyImpsy Socal, CAPosts: 51Member Uncommon

    game is garbage. moving on.

  • PsyMike3dPsyMike3d AthensPosts: 388Member Uncommon

    if Warhammer Online go trully F2P and not only TIER1 i would play it for sure... 

  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member
    Originally posted by GettCouped
    Jeez guys.  The hatorade for this game is immense.  It's a good game.

    No it is not.

  • AsboAsbo ManchesterPosts: 812Member Uncommon

    Waste of my time again...they failed once and will again and again as they have proven...Not getting any more of my time end of!!!


  • Adhesive33Adhesive33 San Francisco, CAPosts: 227Member Uncommon

    The first time I tried this game I thought it was one of the worst arena games I'd ever played and uninstalled. Then it went to open beta and I gave it another shot. It certainly has a lot of flaws (poor graphics, limited characters, a lack of tactics, etc.), but I found myself half-enjoying it after choosing the right character. It has a sort of mindless, frantic charm to it. 

  • ZolgarZolgar Glouster, OHPosts: 533Member

    Who made WoH? Was it Mythic, or another group? And where did the budget come from? 

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  • umcorianumcorian Boston, MAPosts: 519Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Dreyder
    Originally posted by Fadedbomb
    What a shameful thing to do. Honestly, put more money into fixing Warhammer Online than this trash.

    So what exactly needs fixing in WAR?

    As far as I'm concerned... Warhammer Age of Reckoning is the greatest game that nobody plays. The game is fixed. It might have taken 2 years for them to do it but the game has been awesome for about 2 years now.

    The game tourists moved on 1 month after release... never even got a grasp as to the true nature of the game... and hardcore fans have capitulated as the population dropped on the final last 4 servers.


    Wrath of Heroes is not for everyone... it's not for me.

    But it's not like they can make WAR appealing to the lot that hangs around these forums so why bother?

    I went back and tried it about a year ago. T4 entry level PvP was just an abortion. Having to go up against R100s as my Rank 40/32 (Leveled him in Land of the Dead - didn't know how wrong of a thing that was to do, and how stupid is it there's a 'wrong' way to level your character?). 

    Yeah, I decided I'd have a less painful experience if I just chopped off my testicles. 

  • sakbsakb stratport, CTPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    anything ea gets ruined.  it amazes me how devs keep getting involved with them/  really sucks games work shop has to be tied to the pos company.  they ruin everything they touch.


    also star wars sucks

  • heroofnoneheroofnone Clifton Park, NYPosts: 10Member Uncommon

    another EA "child" company that is doing what other EA chield companies do, surprise surprise. I wouldn't even bother calling this Bioware or Mythic anymore.


    Most of the graphical and model components here look to be exactly what EA had with the warhammer online expansion land of the dead. now that they've tried to do a 3 way split on this though, but can't bring themselves to do this in an RvR setting kind of shows they are trying to get back to the DAoC days, but doig it slowly and with such a knuckle grind that I wonder if they are going to try this with the piece of trash starwars MMO they put out as well, mirroring what elements they can with the balancing.

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