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Guest Pass Request/Offer Thread



  • hater88hater88 Ashland, WIMember Posts: 35 Uncommon

    still lookin for a US guess pass if only would be so kind.

  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTMember Posts: 1,687 Uncommon





    p.s.  I ran out of D3 passes so this one is a StarCraft 2 pass for anyone still wanting to get into SC2

  • magnifyvalormagnifyvalor Midwest City, OKMember Posts: 41

    Here you are my friends, I'm sorry I don't have more than this to give.  First come, first serve.

    Looking forward to : Guild Wars 2
    Retired: FFXI, Guildwars, EVE On-line, Tabula Rasa, WoW, Rift

  • SendsSends Urbana, AZMember Posts: 5

    please give me

  • zabTHzabTH BKKMember Posts: 35 Uncommon

    I don't like to beg, but if anyone would be kind enough to spare a guest pass for my friend - i'd be so appreciative. I don't have the game yet either, but he's my long-term gaming buddy and best RL friend, so if I can convince him D3 is amazing, he will actually buy it!

    I'm going to buy D3 anyways, so It's not so much of an issue for me - just I'd love to have him with me.


    Hope you can spare a D3 Guest Pass.


    Thanks so much.

  • FrekFrek FloridaMember Posts: 51 Uncommon

    Would love to check out what the big deal is. I'll buy if I like it.

    Please PM me a pass if you have a spare.

  • nobidynobidy Greenville, SCMember Posts: 1

    Please PM me a pass if you have a spare. I'm really interested in trying the game. thx :)

  • FyronovaFyronova Scarborough, ONMember Posts: 36

    Send one my way as well please, I'd love to give the game a try. 

    Thanks in advance!

  • An4thorAn4thor RomaMember Posts: 524

    One for me too please ( an EU one) i would like to try it since it looks pretty good. 

  • NicooNicoo StockholmMember Posts: 236 Uncommon

    I would love one! I cant afford the game for about 1 week more, so I'd love to just try it out before to make sure I want it and hopefully have awesome fun! An EU version would be awesome, but US works aswell I guess.

    Thanks alot!


  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastleMember Posts: 1,622 Uncommon

    If anyone has a spare EU one it would be much appreciated,   my mate was going to give me one having never played anything of this genre before but he had 2 wow ones and no D3 guest pass in his box.

  • AuzyAuzy Dallas, TXMember Posts: 611 Uncommon
    Looking for us pass. Would greatly appreciate it :). Left4dead 2 for it pst

    Uhh... what?

  • NasherUKNasherUK Secret caveMember Posts: 478 Uncommon

    Looking for an EU one, send PM :)

  • frostwisefrostwise TiraspolMember Posts: 2

    Lookin for a  D3 guess pass if only would be so kind. please PM

  • VucinaVucina RijekaMember Posts: 42

    If someone could send me a eu guest pass i would appriciate it. Thanks


  • pangelopangelo Indian Trail, NCMember Posts: 1

    anyone still have any guess passes available for US market??

  • HornymonsterHornymonster SplitMember Posts: 3

    Any guest passes left...Im desperate my paycheck is for 10 days!!! Heeelp please!!!

  • mikedotemikedote New York, NYMember Posts: 2

    Looking for a US guest pass.

  • DmitrijusDmitrijus StockholmMember Posts: 10

    Would be grateful for an EU guest pass, PM please.

  • fooflingerfooflinger somewhere, CTMember Posts: 121

    Would be incredibly grateful for a U.S guest pass. Missed out of the first couple Diablos and haven't played a good isometric action rpg since Titan Quest. Looking forward to buying the game but don't want to throw down $60 without even playing it. 

    Drop me a pm if you can spare one and thanks in advance!

    Waiting for: Archeage, Darkfall 2.0, and Planetside 2.

    R.I.P Shadowbane; The best MMORPG I've ever played...

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  • amitava82amitava82 BangaloreMember Posts: 17

    Looking for a US guest Pass, anyone please? Thanks in advance!

  • bes3rkbes3rk Bowmanville, ONMember Posts: 59 Uncommon

    Looks like a long shot, but I'd love a US guest pass, if possible.



  • EatMyVeggiesEatMyVeggies TulceaMember Posts: 5

    I would love a pass (Europe), if anyone is kind enough to provide me with one! :D PM please.

  • DixonHillDixonHill SchleswigMember Posts: 89 Uncommon



    since everybodey seems to be talking about D3 these days, i would like to know what all the buzz is about by asking for a EU guest pass! :)

  • jessew6889jessew6889 bradenton, FLMember Posts: 1

    3 Guest Passes, I assume for US because that's where I am!  





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