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blocked access to SW forum

bhugbhug earth, FLPosts: 913Member Uncommon

?Has Secret World blocked access to their official community forum? (to review 2nd weekend beta results/feedback)
None of my log ins are recognized, and resend password indicates no such email on record.

the above forum link EU/US is what one gets from the beta client launcher/ INFO at the bottom of that patcher. The other tabs take one to a birthdate blocker, that seems no mater what date is entered can not get past the birthdate block.

The normal community forum i can still log into.



  • OldManFunkOldManFunk BFE, KSPosts: 894Member

    Your link doesn't go to

  • GwahlurGwahlur BergenPosts: 201Member Uncommon

    The forums you've linked are for closed beta OP. AFAIK beta weekend testers don't have access to them.


    You can find beta weekend subsections at

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon is an official TSW site. It was used in early promo material. No worries about the link.

    To give feedback on moderation, contact

  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Fresno, CAPosts: 2,414Member
    Originally posted by Amana is an official TSW site. It was used in early promo material. No worries about the link.

    Perhaps you missed the "forums-beta" before the "darkdaysarecoming" part? Hover over the link and look at the address.

    The OP is linking to the closed beta forums.

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