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Down scaling and Experience

ZizzsZizzs Austin, TXPosts: 31Member Uncommon

I was just curious, say if you're around level 15, and you can't find a place to level up, if youw ent back to another starter area that you didn't do and got down scaled to say, around 7. Would you still recieve experience that would help you level up from 15 ---> 16?

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  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread PshPosts: 6,087Member Rare


  • StrixMaximaStrixMaxima SPosts: 884Member Uncommon

    Not only EXP, but also all the other rewards would be adequate for your true level.

  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon

    Which basically means that you never erect walls behind you as you level up, rendering the content you passed obsolete. By the time you hit 80, there's no place on the map that's no longer viable, fun content.


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  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,682Member Uncommon

    XP and Loot are based on your true level, but there is an adjustment made based on the level disparity. Essentially, they are trying to balance it so that you will still be rewarded by doing lower level content, but the XP and loot rewards will be adjusted so that it is always slightly less productive to spend an hour doing lower level content. They don't want there to be a situation were it is ever more productive to "farm" lower level areas than just doing on level stuff, but you also shouldn't feel you've wasted your time by revisiting lower level content with friends or for your own enjoyment.

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  • You get experience and loot of your real level.

    Supposedly you get slightly better in an on level area, but its not really noticeable.


    Its literally quite hard to even realize you have been downscaled unless you look at that amount of health you have.

  • ThrashbargThrashbarg lions arch, ORPosts: 125Member

    My first few hours playing I didn't understand why I had lower hp some times when I would go exploring, lol. It's such a difference for a game that people won't know what to think of it unless they have actually played. Hard to get across how much this adds to the fun of the game on a forum or video.


  • johaocarljohaocarl BrasPosts: 111Member Uncommon

    Remember too that players gain xp exploring the area and completing the hearts and geting the skil points. So, it is productive go to other race starter zone and play there.

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