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This game has kept me engaged for almost 15 years now

Gurgi_CLGurgi_CL San Jose, CAPosts: 1Member

Clanlord does not have the fancy graphics or PvP that some people look for, but it does have a better community than any other game i've ever seen.  It may not have lots of items, but it does have an advancement system that lets you improve your skills in just the way you want so you can customize your character to be unique.  It has a unique combat system that I have not seen in any other game.  Since there are no "level caps", there is never a time when you have "Maxed" your character.  Every day your character can improve a measureable amount.  You can have short term goals of only a few weeks and long terms goals that can take you years.  The world is vast and full of adventure.  Even as I write this, there are areas in CLanlord that have yet to be fully conquered and explored.  For me, this game is about cooperation and helping each other to achieve goals.  The community can work together to solve mysteries and explore the unknown or battle invasions.  This is a game for all those people who like to gather friends together and have adventures in a dangerous world.  You can really solve a mystery that truly noone has solved before or explore the unknown that is truly unknown to any other players. The people who play this game are generally helpful and polite.  For the most part, people in this game will try to help those in need because this game is all about cooperation rather than competition.  After 15 years I still love this game.





  • peniasolopeniasolo new york, NYPosts: 14Member

    For your information, it is dead now, kinda sad, such a good game T.T

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  • AthlAthl Somewhere inPosts: 159Member

    You're wrong, it's not dead at all.

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