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Why I defend online only.



  • MurlockDanceMurlockDance ParisPosts: 1,223Member
    Originally posted by lizardbones

    People do see that. They just aren't worried about it. But if you're really wanting a reason, there's a simple one (or two).

    1) It would cost more to develop. Blizzard would either have to allow people to run a modified version of the full server on their own machines, or write a totally different client. Either of which would increase the development time, maintenance, testing and QA.

    2) Blizzard doesn't have to do any of that extra work. What is the incentive for Blizz to do all the above work, when they'll sell just as many copies without doing it? The few people who aren't going to buy the game because of the online requirement don't matter. There aren't enough of them.

    What Blizzard does need to do is to make sure that the people who did purchase the game do not experience enough lag to stop playing the game. The RMAH is going to depend on a lot of people trading stuff, so it's in their best interest to make everything run as smooth as possible. I expect this will happen soon enough and most everyone will forget about the online requirement and move on to the next proclamation of doom.

    How about those people who never ever plan to get involved with the RMAH. You are assuming most people will. I believe that actually a lot of people will not engage in it. And then there are those who will engage in it only a little bit but not often enough to really generate a lot of revenue for Blizzard.

    Playing MUDs and MMOs since 1994.

  • calranthecalranthe stoke on trentPosts: 356Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aori
    Alright i'm going to start off by saying, my only intention of playing Diablo 3 is multiplayer. I find singleplayer games a waste of money for what I personally get out of them. Now the big argument right now is that Diablo 3 is a singleplayer game with an online requirement. Personally I missed the memo, Diablo 3 is a multiplayer game with a singleplaying option. People think that the "DRM" is to prevent piracy. It may help, however I do know that it will eventually be emulated. The online only thing is to prevent corruption of a persistant online game. We have some big things in Diablo 3. First one being the RMAH and while some people don't like this system it is there. Now if Blizzard can prevent this from being flooded with illegal items then I want them to do what they can. If online only is one of the best measures to prevent most of the problems that plagued Diablo 2 then i'm all for it. The next one which isn't there yet is PvP. Now I personally don't want to play against people who hack, dupe and cheat. Again if online only helps prevent this then I want it to work. Now when cheats do appear and i'm sure some may rear their heads eventually, I hope blizzard will handle it. More or less I know it isn't a sure fire way to stop cheating, piracy and the like. However if it can keep an epidemic far more contained, i'm happy its there. I'll stop defending it if Diablo 3 starts showing the corruption that plagues Diablo 2.

    Points towards the current hacks and damage being done accounts lost etc, how anyone on your 7 years of wow friends list can join your game without asking, how all there archaic online only has not in any way stopped people loosing things.

    I would go as far to say that a purely offline version of diablo either to play solo or on secure personal server OR lan would be a hell of a lot safer and more secure than what those morons at Bliz put together.


  • MikkelBMikkelB SteenwijkPosts: 240Member
    Originally posted by MurlockDance
    Originally posted by Aori
    I'm just going to sum up the read thus far. Me the OP has been deemed a naive QQing ignorant moron who has no concept of what a real game is. The masses deem Diablo 3 a flop, the millions of players who bought the game never knew you had to have the internet to play it. Somehow Diablo 3 is officially a singleplayer game with multiplayer as an afterthought that had a shitty DRM attached to it to piss off the millions of players. Only a small minority wants to play online, everyone else is happy trollin away in their caves. Pirating can't be stopped completely so why try. Cheating can't be stopped so why bother. Blizzard should have made 2 Diablo 3 games $120 for the set. Blizzard is a moneygrab company, so much so that they pushed back the RMAH to get money quicker. I'm sure there is more but you all get the point.. maybe.. probably not.. nevermind.

    You sound rather pouty in this post and I am not sure what it contributes to this discussion. You started the conversation by saying why you defend it and then go sulk when people say why they don't like it?

    One does not have to hate D3 and Blizzard to be annoyed by the online-only play. I have been a fan of Blizzard games for a long time, as I am sure a lot of other people here have been too, but the online-only play does REALLY bother me.

    Blizzard in the best of worlds should have given us, the players, a choice, but they did not, for whatever reason. It does not matter to me if it is because of DRM or anti-cheats. In the long run, the result is the same: no internet? No D3.

    If D3 were an MMO with a persistant online world, that would be different, even though it seems anymore that MMOs are becoming single player games with a thin veneer of MMO added on as an afterthought (yes, thinking about you ToR here). Is that right? I do not think so.

    Why do I not think so?

    I have already discussed elsewhere: how not everyone is online all the time. I am not going to go into it again.

    But how about what it also means on the level of internet traffic that is not really needed? Contrary to what some people here might think, internet subscriptions are not the same everywhere. I know that here in France there was talk by the major operators to no longer offer unlimited downloads for any price because the increase in internet traffic was becoming too expensive to maintain. I am sure the French operators are not the only ones facing this issue. If we are looking at a future where the internet becomes more limited and that everyone is slapped with download limits, would you feel so enthusiastic about playing a game like D3 that has a very strong single player component online only? I know that if I had to choose between a real MMO and D3 for my monthly online play quota, I would choose WoW over D3 anyday.

    Being forced to play a game online that has a strong single player component is pretty wasteful: the more games and other media that become online only means we are putting pressure on our already over-saturated systems which means that we are looking at a future of either more limits, more cost to us, or loss of service. That is actually not too cool.

    How about privacy and internet security? I dislike the whole real ID thing very much. I don't like having real ID up and running all the time when I play D3 single player. I also don't like the idea that someone could hack me and get my D3 account and WoW account compromised. If I didn't have to play D3 online, I could have kept my offline toons safe from being hacked.

    Yet there is a persistant element in Diablo 3, namely the auction house. For some reason people haev no problems with Guild Wars being online only, while they get all riled up about Diablo 3. Both games are pretty much about the same thing, killing mobs and getting random loot to make you character better. Guild Wars has the towns were you can see other players and Diablo 3 does this through the Public Games menu. I wonder, if Diablo 3 did it like Path of Exile, if we would've had all these complains too.

    Diablo is more of a mulltiplayer game, that you can play solo. Mainly for security reason (the RMAH being very important) the desided to make the servers hold all the crucial data, like pretty much every MMO out there. For Blizzard and in my opinion the players too, this method has the benefit of a more secure playing environment. It's much harder to manipulate data with the way Diablo 3 is setup. If I want to use the RMAH, I want to be sure that I'm not buying an item that can disappear when Blizzard decides to wipe all dupes or something. I remember something like that happening in Diablo 2. Always online has also the benefit for Blizzard that less people will download the pirated version, whenever it will appear.

    I can't say that I like it when the servers go down for maintenance like this Sunday. It's also annoying when I get some rubberbanding. However, in a few weeks these annoyances will most likely go away.

    Regarding privacy, no one is forcing you to register Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft to the same account. Same with Real ID (not sure if Diablo 3 still has a seperate friendslist as WoW does, though it does), no one is forcing you to use it. Besides, if Diablo 3 had an offline component, you can't guarantee that your saves wouldn't get corrupted or anything. Safe from being hacked, yes, I can dig that, but what would you do when they can't be loaded anymore?

  • JuicemanJuiceman Prescott, AZPosts: 167Member

    why bother making this thread if you're the most biased single player game player to post ever.  Personally i don't mind the online thing too much, I'm playing ALOT.  But, the servers just went down 4 8hours.  Would i like to play some single player just to experiemnt and get to know the game better?  You're damn right i would.


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