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No major content patches planned for Diablo III



  • SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickPosts: 1,234Member Uncommon

    Meh this is why I wanetd offline single player with mod support, players and the modding community could add alot of new content. The game as it is.. is pretty lackluster, Torchlight and Terraria are more intersting to me. Lots of class balance issues and such, but then again what did you expect when all that got beta tested really was 33% of act 1. Personally I think the beta for D3 with its limited content was setup so that people wouldn't relize how shallow the game actually is. GG on that one Blizzard, its too bad I bought a boxed copy, because if I got it from blizz i could get a refund.

    Oh well Torchlight 2 is gonna be what diablo 3 should have been, so I'll stick with that when it comes out, and for now i'll just mess around in d3. I only can play D3 for like an hour before the game starts putting me to sleep with how shallow and repetive it is. I really dislike having 0 real choices about my chars progression and such.

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  • AstralglideAstralglide Simi Valley, CAPosts: 686Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aethaeryn
    Originally posted by ElderRat
    Originally posted by Istavaan
    I'll just play guild wars 2, it cost the same as diablo doesn't have a monthly fee like diablo but it will receive major content updates. if diablo 3 is on a mmo site then its justified to compare it on mmo terms, afterall you can't play it offline.

    since when does Diablo have a monthly fee?

    I dont' think he meant that.  I suppose it could be taken either way.   Doesn't have a montly fee "like Diablo" I think was meant as "the same as Diablo". . not "like Diablo does".


    He is saying since they are both the same cost etc. he might as well take the one that is an MMO and will have content updates etc.. even though these will mostly come through paid expansions and the money made from the cash shop etc.

    I think that content updates will depend on the success of the Real Money Auction House. If Blizzard makes steady income from the RMAH, then we should see plenty of content updates to keep the money rolling in.

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