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My Unofficial Diablo 3 Review

MephsterMephster Tyria, NJPosts: 1,188Member
Combat  – Smooth and fluid combat just as you would expect from any Blizzard game.  You get 6 active skills and 3 out of 16 passive skills to choose from. Each active skill has 6 runes to unlock. Choose any combo of skills you wish but be aware that not any combination of skills will get you successfully through an area. You will need to experiment with all the skills to find the winning combination. Trial and error here.
Artwork – Overall the artwork looks ok and I have to give Blizzard credit for making some nice background drops. The Act 2 and Act 4 areas are done nicely. Though I must say, there is just way too much color in this game for it to give it that real Diablo feel at times.  It seems Blizzard has tried to differentiate themselves away from the Blizzard North ways which I can understand but why mess with success ? As an old Diablo player back in the day I wished they would have made the areas more gothic looking just for old times sake. Despite that I still think it is pretty satisfactory.
Dungeons – This is where I had somewhat of an issue with Diablo 3. Yes there are dungeons to explore but the majority of them are pretty small except for the Tristram Cathedral and Bastions Keep which has 3 levels.  The rest have only 2 levels are and are not very big at all. It seems once you hop into a dungeon no more than 5-6 minutes later you are exiting it. Not exactly what I call a dungeon crawl.
Music – It is ok but it isn’t Matt Uelmen doing it so don’t expect much here. Diehard fans will hear right away it just isn’t the same without Matt Uelmen’s brilliance.
Loot – Magic Find works but how much you really need is a mystery. So far I have only found 1 legendary but have received many rares with about only 10% magic find. Some have even as gone as high as 120% magic find and have yet to get any legendaries so far. So I am really not sure if magic find really works or not. Good luck with this!
Gold Auction House – No major complaints here with it. If you have the gold you can buy whatever you see posted. Though at times I feel that the AH takes away from the whole point of dungeon crawling if you can just buy it off of the AH. Too each their own I guess.
Customization – You have gear, you have runes, you have gems and skills to choose from so lots to experiment here from. The problem I have with this is that in reality there is no customization despite what I mentioned. You see, once you reach nightmare mode and beyond you will be trying to find the right combo of skills that work. Once you find those skills that work you will not be using many other skills at all making all those other skills pretty useless.
Story – The story was very cliché, very predictable very Hollywood. As I played through the game I was like ok this is ok but where is the overall omg that was awesome feeling. It just didn’t happen. They also used a lot of inspiration from movies such as the new Star Wars. Emperor Hakan looks like Queen Amidala with that head set she worn in the movie. Oh and if you played the original Guild Wars you will see some similar story events here.  Think Vizier Khilbron….
Final Thoughts - I think the game is fun but and I am enjoying I would have gone with a much darker gothic setting the game. Does it live up the hype ? No it doesn’t in my opinion. They had so much development time that as a diehard Diablo fan you expected more from Blizzard. Though despite its flaws many can point out, the loot finding is still addictively fun and I plan to play it for quite some time. I think the game needed better visionaries for the game in order to achieve that grim Diablo feel we all loved and still love to this day.  If I was to grade it I would give it a B.


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  • dubyahitedubyahite Lincoln, NEPosts: 2,483Member Common
    I agree with your point about dungeons. That's the most disappointing thing about the game that noons talks about.

    The biggest one I can think of is the one at the end of act 3. Of course act 4 is entirely one big dungeon, but other than that they feel really small.

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  • MephsterMephster Tyria, NJPosts: 1,188Member

    Yeah dungeons for the most part were pretty small. I didn't even do an opinion on crafting, followers and server stability!

    Grim Dawn, the next great action rpg!

  • BLOBtheTROLLBLOBtheTROLL BelgardePosts: 75Member

    good review


    dungeons should have been larger, more random , deep 3 levels and they should be present in all 4 acts 70% of game dungeon crawling whit good athmposhere rest story and outside world. fighting in dungeons whit walls , doors is much more fun thats why I love diablo 1.


    game is good addictive but it could be so much more than this, I relly understand players that cry about diablo 3, but I still have fun whit it.    rest outside      ddddd?

  • MikkelBMikkelB SteenwijkPosts: 240Member

    Nice review, but why is it "unofficial"? It's your review right? It's as "official" as the ones you find in places like IGN, Gamespot, 1UP, etc.

    About the dungeons, while some are very short, some are pretty huge. I had the Barracks spawning for me in Act 3, which took me around 50 minutes to completly clear out. I almost expected a waypoint to pop up. Yesterday I had the opposite. The Watchtower spawned in Act 1, took me litterly 20 seconds to find the stairs to the second level. There was only one hallway, one group of champions and then the stairs. It seems to me that there is some random size spawner in the background for the dungeons.

    The dungeons with events are a pretty cool touch, they give you some insentive to actually do them. They make sure that you don't want to miss out on them!

  • DarkPonyDarkPony RotterdamPosts: 5,566Member

    Didn't play it myself for an extended time yet so I can't confirm / deny much but it reads like a very fair & balanced piece. Thanks, OP.

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Quebec, QCPosts: 2,316Member

    Dungeon size is weird in Diablo 3, it seems the first level of a dungeon represent 80% of the whole dungeon, the next levels the 20% remaining.

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