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Guest Pass Request/Offer Thread



  • BILEXEBILEXE MinskPosts: 1Member

    Hello! I live in Belarus, Minsk. Please donate a guest key to Diablo 3. Thank you very much!

  • iloputiloput AnapaPosts: 2Member

    I`d like a guest pass. Would love to try this game out before buying. Thank you in advance!

  • DrZoidberg92DrZoidberg92 GomelPosts: 1Member

    I will be grateful if someone share with me his Diablo III Guest Pass. Thanks.

  • WiretwisterWiretwister San Francisco, CAPosts: 1Member

    I would like a guest pass please, if anyone has one available, either PM me or can e-mail:




  • halldorrhalldorr Kitchener, ONPosts: 101Member Uncommon

    I'd love to get my hand son a guest pass if anyone out there has one they can spare. My son was expressing interest in the game I used to talk about so much (he was born very close to the original Diablo release I was playing a lot at the time).

    So I'd love a pass to get him a look at things :)

  • HardSodaHardSoda MoscowPosts: 9Member


  • ElliotVSElliotVS YorkshirePosts: 1Member

    I would really appreciate a guest pass if anyone has one available to test out the game.

    It would be hugely appreciated.

  • Locien_rsLocien_rs Rio GrandePosts: 1Member

    Looking for a guest pass if anyone would be so kind...

  • galazargalazar Posts: 3Member Uncommon

    Hi, anyone have a guest pass to spare? My girlfriends daughter really wants to try the game after seeing me play, but she dont know if she wants to buy it yet.

  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon

    Can I please have a guest pass for my 97 yr old grand ma who is on her last legs and has to play with Arthritic fingers? Thank you and bless you

  • ZolgarZolgar Glouster, OHPosts: 533Member

    Looking for a guest pass if anyone has one. Thanks very much. :D

    0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3

  • coboltarcoboltar MoscowPosts: 4Member

    Send me please a guest key for Diablo 3.image

  • Se7enfoldSe7enfold ZaporizhyaPosts: 7Member

    I am from Ukraine, our country is very poor and i don't have enough money for full version of Diablo III =)

    Please, give me a chance to play this game with Guest Pass. My email


  • battlerodentbattlerodent Patterson, CAPosts: 21Member

    I have the biggest sob story of all.   Spent my spare cash this month on buying Tera (what a mistake) instead of Diablo 3!  Someone please email me a guest pass?


  • valence54valence54 Stains, FLPosts: 1Member

    Hi all,

    I would try this game before buying it.
    Diablo 2 was a great game, but I have no money so I want to be sure ^ ^.

    thank you

  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon

    Hi everyone,   spinning for need and greed I have to choose need,  I have been unemployed for a year and am on food stamps, about the only thing i have left is my computer can someone give me a key before I have to sell my computer, this is a matter of life and death

  • MOHCTPMOHCTP Kiev, ILPosts: 2Member

    Good afternoon.
    I live in Ukraine, the share guest key, sooooo please!
    I have no money, but help work on the computer, write ...
    Thank you very much.

  • boxer22boxer22 KievPosts: 8Member

    Hellow, I pre -order russian game version which starts in juny 7, someone can give me guest pass??? for playing now(want to see game on my eyes), please....mail:  or by Personal message,  thx! I belive in goodness in people.

  • LazzraLazzra rstv, VAPosts: 2Member

    Please give me guest key.

  • zafouliszafoulis thessalonikiPosts: 13Member

    I need a guest pass too, thanks in advance! sent me a msg or reply

  • dreamer05dreamer05 Kansas City, MOPosts: 636Member Uncommon

    Here are two:








    Happy hunting!


    "God, please help us sinful children of Ivalice.."

  • MOHCTPMOHCTP Kiev, ILPosts: 2Member

    Oh, no ... How could I miss? or they are not true ...
    Please throw off the post

  • Rohirrim1Rohirrim1 Starfleet HQ, MNPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    I would very much like to try out D3 as well.If someone has a spare pass it would be very much appreciated.Thanks in advance



  • ZagavaVonnZagavaVonn Toronto, ONPosts: 300Member Uncommon

    Please mail me if anyone has a guest pass, I used to play Star Wars Galaxies until someone cruelly and savagely ended the game and now I'm crying... crying!

    Thanks! image

  • kimbolkimbol russiaPosts: 9Member

    I will be grateful if someone share with me his Diablo III Guest Pass

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