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The Secret World: Make It Visceral Please

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

We've been messing around in Funcom's The Secret World for days now and have generally been having a great time. There is a lot to like in The Secret World but we have one small request: Make the game more visceral. See why we think that and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

As I anticipated playing The Secret World this month, I was left all quivery feeling inside just at the thought of getting into an MMO that actually was going to make me think for a change. Knowing how awesome the quest system was purported to be only made me gleefully excited about every aspect of TSW.

But something happened along the way to Nirvana: My character actually had to fight monsters and zombies.

Read more of Suzie Ford's The Secret World: Make It Visceral Please.




  • ZeroxinZeroxin LondonPosts: 2,509Member Uncommon

    Call me a cynic but, the only way they can solve the animation problem is to make some skills move the character's whole body. If they can't do that, then they'll still be in the same place they are now.

    This is not a game.

  • gunmanvladgunmanvlad UKPosts: 273Member Uncommon

    They could simply make the animations more believable. Right now, at least for melee and magic, it's somewhere between "Am I tripping?" and "Is this guy drunk?". If they make the movement more natural (heck the zombie looked a lot more natural than characters), then it'll be OK.


    And they should add some more impressive (gore-like) effects. The game already has a fairly mature rating, so it wouldn't really matter there.

  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    Originally posted by Zeroxin
    Call me a cynic but, the only way they can solve the animation problem is to make some skills move the character's whole body. If they can't do that, then they'll still be in the same place they are now.

    I tend to agree with that simply because the upper body movement is jarringly weird. I mean, I get why Funcom did what they did. Movement while "casting" or using skills is great. But the unnatural twisting of the body is....scary. O.o

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,951Member Rare

    I have put some hours in and think it's pretty neat how they were able to make the animation feel real. There is no shooting over your shoulder in this game while running away straffing. For example when I first saw videos I though everyone playing were noobs for back peddling. They are not back peddling.


    The game takes into account what your trying to do. Your trying to lay down fire while moving away from your target. When straffing and firing while turning away, beyond 180 degrees you get the appearance of how you would do it IRL. Your sideways straff while firing  turns into a crossover back peddle with you gun on the target.  


    I really think this is a step forward in mmo combat. It's very FPSish compared to the standard WoW hunter shooting over his shoulder while looking away.

  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

    I totally agree, BCBully. It's a paradigm changer to make yourself back up while shooting and something that new players coming into the game will find confusing at first.

  • Segun777Segun777 Jade Dynasty Correspondent Lemont, PAPosts: 97Member

    Fair comments, I don't particuarly notice it but  I do remember I picked chaos magic and swords because they just felt cool; at a visceral level I didn't like some of the other weapons. I do remember liking the rifles alot though so I'm not sure what to say about that. I feel though that Funcom has a game thjat is fundementally harder than most gamers are really willing to play, whatever they might say; I'm not sure that making the sound and combat better will be enough.

  • vladakovvladakov noneofurbusinessPosts: 710Member

    I've been following this game closeli (sorri i have a broken kei...), and i'm veri interested in it,

    but i can't help to agree on the fact that some character animations are just no good.

    However, from the tons of gameplai that i've seen so far, the game stil looks suprisingli interesting,

    especialli love the setting, welcome change.


    Also another question, if iou pre-order iou can onli plai the beta in weekends right?




  • solarinesolarine IstanbulPosts: 1,203Member

    Mostly, I have to agree.

    Playing Diablo 3 made me remember how this stuff matters in a game... But then, Blizzard always gets this stuff right in their games; I'm now convinced this is their secret formula: They may not be up there on features or innovation; but the stuff they put in, everything feels right.

    The Secret World has an inviting world, beautiful and mysterious atmosphere that makes you want to go around and discover, good voice acting and writing... and even the combat system "features" seem novel, rich, and intriguing... But when it came to hands-on combat itself, it all felt a drudge to me. 

    The thing is, despite all that mystery and puzzle-solving, this still seems to be a combat game and not something like SWG, where you could still "play" the game despite ignoring the whole combat sphere... So I can see this lack of "viscera" being bad for the game in the long run.

    Still, I'm rooting for it.

  • dimasokdimasok toronto, ONPosts: 183Member Uncommon
    After playing games like tera and funcoms previous aoc i dont see how the hell and why the combat is so bad. it doesnt feel natural, punchy or visceral - its just BAD...

    Their reply to this is just as bad: if they cant figure out how to animate everything right and make the combat feel good then they need to hire people who can! I dont anticipate any improvement at all and the combat will always remain just meh.
  • SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News Manager The CitadelPosts: 23,006MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

    The weird thing is that Age of Conan's character creation and combat animations are very good. The two games share the same engine so....

    It must have to do with the fact that they 'untied' the upper body. I almost wish they hadn't. :(

  • Mississauga, ONPosts: 912Member Uncommon

    In today’s world of short attention spans and throw away gaming, companies have one chance to make an impression on players. It is definitely in Funcom’s best interest to make sure that that first impression is pure win.


    You hit the nail on the head with their reputation carrying over from AoC. The game is great, but the combat animation is weird and until they fix it they'll be hearing about throughout launch which in turn will put a negative spin on the game and will push people away from subscribing.

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,951Member Rare

    Neat animations v 500 abilities all while moving.


    In fairness you don't have those 500 when you start, so all you are left with are the animations to start. I get it.

  • cutthecrapcutthecrap nobusinessofyoursPosts: 600Member

    I agree with the article. For all its flaws, the (melee) combat in AoC always had a very visceral feel to it. Something I wish the TSW team had copied more from AoC, it didn't even have to be better, just on the same level as combat felt in AoC and it'd feel better already.

  • NagilumSadowNagilumSadow Atlanta, GAPosts: 300Member Uncommon

    Generally speaking I'm not a big themepark fan, but I have a certain admiration for this mmo. They have done alot of the "little things" very well.

    Hopefully they'll add player housing, etc. in the future.

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  • JalitanJalitan Posts: 102Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Suzie_Ford
    The weird thing is that Age of Conan's character creation and combat animations are very good. The two games share the same engine so.... It must have to do with the fact that they 'untied' the upper body. I almost wish they hadn't. :(

    I get what you are saying Suzie, but I think it is a fair trade-off for being able to move while casting/shooting. I stop noticing after a couple hours of questing and fighting because the world drew me in and made me focus on everything but myself.

  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon

    It's got to feel as creepy as an H. P. Lovecraft book, because that's what it's based on, for heaven's sake.

  • nationalcitynationalcity Decatur, MIPosts: 499Member Uncommon

    I dont agree there not that bad..

    People always gotta find something to nit-pick about....

    I mean if this is what is gonna keep people from playing that's pretty sad considering the game has many other issues that trump this lol....

    Um, Hello everyone looking like CLONES and the female models being AWFUL...
  • BigCountryBigCountry Charlotte, NCPosts: 478Member

    Exactly. There has to be cons to go along with the pros in any video game review.


    If anmations are the only real con so far, that is REALLY good for Funcon if you ask me, heck they can fix that.


    Lag, server drops, netcode issues, dupes etc are REALLY bad lol

    BigCountry | Head Hunters |

  • GurpslordGurpslord Hutchinson, MNPosts: 350Member

    As far as the sounds of the AR go, well..they're pretty close to reality actually.  Fact is guns like that don't sound like they do in the movies or on TV.  We're programed by those things to believe that's what they sound like, not until you actually fire one where you go..huh, I did NOT expect that.

    The difference is in the volume I think in this game tho, the gunshots should be..louder, not by much, but..just a little I think.

    As far as animations go, I'm not concerned.  I'll take some goofy moments of animations over having to stand still to do things anytime.

  • black_isleblack_isle IstanbulPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    "In today’s world of short attention spans and throw away gaming"

    Expecting good combat -and rightly so- from a game which you'll do tons of combat doesn't automatically put you in "short attention span dudebro" category so i don't know why you labelled hundreds of people like that unjustly. Please stop talking like we are the ones to blame for expecting good combat/animations instead of incompetent devs can't animate a thing for their lives.

    "I know what you’re thinking: “Suzie, how damned shallow of you.” You’re probably right. It feels shallow to even write it"

    How is being critical for bad sound effects shallow for god's sake? Sound is a huge component in creating atmosphere and whoever thinks it's shallow to critique sound effects is an ignorant tool who should go speak with a composer or a sound engineer. Please stop giving these trolls legitimacy.

  • VhalnVhaln Chicago, ILPosts: 3,159Member
    Originally posted by Suzie_Ford
    The weird thing is that Age of Conan's character creation and combat animations are very good. The two games share the same engine so.... It must have to do with the fact that they 'untied' the upper body. I almost wish they hadn't. :(


    I really don't buy that excuse.  Yeah, it definately makes animation trickier, but there are lots of games that have done it well, in spite of that.  When I look at the animations, even just looking at the upper body, or cutscenes, they just look robotic and simplistic to me.  


    On a very related note, there's also a lack of idle animations for all the NPCs standing around, which makes them so lifeless.  To me, this implies they lack animators, like they didn't have enough money to hire enough good artists and had to put it way down the list of priorities.  The game isn't just animated badly, it's also animated just barely enough to be functional.

    When I want a single-player story, I'll play a single-player game. When I play an MMO, I want a massively multiplayer world.

  • pierthpierth San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    As far as sounds go, I'd be happy if they'd allow a "silencer" mode for the guns, there's only so much of hearing constant gunfire that I can deal with before I just turn sounds off altogether.

  • sassoonsssassoonss Monroe Town Patricia Palace, NYPosts: 1,112Member Uncommon

    Of all the feedback and previews I have read suprisingly ( also my own experience from the 1st beta weekend) people have appreciate the questing , investigative mode and skill system.


    Haveing been burned off AOC and Funcoms reputation it was refreshing to see that players were giving favorable opinion for the game so far


    Coming to the combat mechanics , animations and sound this areticle has hit the point.

    Combat animation are clunky weird and and dont have that ompph effect and that is important

    I ran an assualt rifle/hammer build and the whole time the hammer attacks felt very weird as if I was swining in the air and not hitting anything


    Now all this mojovojo about unting the upper part of the body , the assualt rifle animations were totally off.While strafing and shooting it seem bullets from the rifle where coming at 45 degrees angles and not staright at 90 degrees angle.


    It is so weird to see fire going sideways while moving.

    for me  this is the biggest concern at the moment .i hope the devs will fix this issue


  • DakirnDakirn Kansas City, MOPosts: 374Member Uncommon

    I guess it's better to see everyone whining about animations in the game rather than actual problems with the game...

    I understand, you want them changed. Funcom said they're going to change. So in response.. you make another article asking them to change it.

    Are there other games out there you could give coverage to?  I mean.. great we're talking about TSW.. but it's the same thing over and over again... opinions on opinions on opinions.


  • MindTriggerMindTrigger La Quinta, CAPosts: 2,596Member

    The pistols brutally suck when it comes to sound and significance.  I've heard better gun sounds come from children's mouths.  I hated combat with the pistols, and that is a real disappointment. 

    A sure sign that you are in an old, dying paradigm/mindset, is when you are scared of new ideas and new technology. Don't feel bad. The world is moving on without you, and you are welcome to yell "Get Off My Lawn!" all you want while it happens. You cannot, however, stop an idea whose time has come.

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