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Guest Pass Request/Offer Thread



  • SquishydewSquishydew NetherlandsPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon

    I'd love a european guest pass, I absolutely loved DIablo 1 and 2 but am really on the fence about this one.. I'd like to try before i buy.

  • mgervaismgervais Montreal, QCPosts: 4Member

    Hey guys,


    I am still looking for a guest pass!!! Please if someone could spare a NA pass, i would really appreciate it!!!!


    Thanks in advance!

  • LocklainLocklain Crandon, WIPosts: 2,154Member

    If there are any passes floating around out there I would love one too! =)


    Thanks in advance!

    It's a Jeep thing. . .
    = image||||||image =
    |X| \*........*/ |X|
    You wouldn't understand
  • lanks01lanks01 la verne, CAPosts: 3Member

    I am looking for a guest pass, please help :)

  • NagasurayamiNagasurayami NonePosts: 7Member

    Hello Folks,


    I am waiting for my Collectors Edition still to arrive and was wondering if anyone kind enough could supply me with a guest pass until it arrives.


    Thanks in Advance,



  • DIe_BiodoomDIe_Biodoom Oshawa, ONPosts: 1Member

    Hi, Im looking for a Diablo 3 trial key, iv been waiting for this game to come out for as long as i can remember and i cant afford to go out and buy games as i please sadly :( so i need to be sure this one is a winner thank you in advance hopefully i will hear from someone soon :)


    as yes as well, US zone if possible but it doesnt matter EU is fine as well :)

  • murdocsvkmurdocsvk ImelPosts: 1Member

    Please someone send me a GP, I would like to try Diablo 3 on my HP laptop. I will resend GP tomorrow,

    Thank you,


  • aikunfelcisaikunfelcis BydgoszczPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    If someone have Guest Pass to share I'd love to get one. Please, write to me pm with key.


    Aikun Felcis

  • thesilenton3thesilenton3 port st lucie, FLPosts: 1Member

    MAN...... i hate to beg like everyone else out there with the guest passes but im in need of a guest pass for simple machine testing purposes not sure if my machine can run the game to playable capacity and i dont want to dish out $60 before im certain i can run it... if anyone could be so kind as to send a guest pass my way id deeply appreciate it more than you know

  • IIIcurrierIIIcurrier Kalispell, MTPosts: 88Member

    ISO Diablo 3 guest pass. NA


  • freegamesfreegames Posts: 236Member Uncommon

    Could pretend to want a guest key, but meh skipping Diablo 3. Never even got into the beta and did not bother with the free week. Maybe in 2014 when there are no server problems what-so-ever. Though might try it in 6 months when everyone could get the start, but Guild Wars 2 will probably take all that time. Might try it with a pass, (since im not playing any other game) but that will never happen.

    See everyone in 2014 if they are still playing.

    If same or better than this go nuts, if not just skip it

    (almost a 100% chance you meet or exceed the requirements)

    CPU:    Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz
    RAM:    2 GB RAM
    VGA:    NVIDIA® GeForce® 260 or ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 or better
    OS:    Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 (Latest Service Packs)

    Owner of every Blizzard game since they developed games on the SNES.

    Diablo 3 is the first game that I have skipped. (still getting Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm)

  • IIIcurrierIIIcurrier Kalispell, MTPosts: 88Member

    Then get off this thread noob.

  • doorb7doorb7 StaffordPosts: 61Member Uncommon

    I would love a guest pass if anybody so kind to offer me one, will mos likely be purchasing at end of month just gotta keep a eye on finances!! thanks again folks, hope everybody enjoying it thus far!


  • freegamesfreegames Posts: 236Member Uncommon

    Seen many people like you III in many games and you will call people noobs and likely also curse at them in-game.

    Such a player is almost never welcome, but sadly common.

    A deserving soul such as this must play the game, but I also wanted to post the system requirements since some people do will not check on their own.

  • IIIcurrierIIIcurrier Kalispell, MTPosts: 88Member
    Originally posted by freegames
    Seen many people like you III in many games and you will call people noobs and likely also curse at them in-game. Such a player is almost never welcome, but sadly common. A deserving soul such as this must play the game, but I also wanted to post the system requirements since some people do will not check on their own.

    No, you are just posting clutter in a clearly seeking Guest Pass thread.

  • jayartejayarte LancasterPosts: 450Member Uncommon

    I'd love a guest pass for EU region if anyone has one to spare.  Thanks ^^

  • CabalocCabaloc Fort Pierce, FLPosts: 116Member

    Would love a guest pass as well , still waiting for my collectors edition and will send my pass's out as well, Thank you  =)

  • Peter9930Peter9930 Bayville, NJPosts: 2Member

    I would love to try out Diablo 3, would appreciate a pass in the U.S. very much, and once I get mine i'll give a pass back. Pm if you're willing. Thanks :D

  • LovingDiabloLovingDiablo Portland, OHPosts: 4Member



    Wold love to try Diablo 3 !  If it makes a difference, im living in the EU.

    I got a breast augmentation and got to stay at home for 3 weeks, im bored!

    Please PM me a Guest Pass !


    Thank you in advance!

  • lordtwistedlordtwisted Redding, CAPosts: 570Member Uncommon

     I am ordering a new computer in a few weeks, but not sure if I want to buy D3 now and hope it works on this computer, or wait until I order my new computer to order the game. 


     Anyone willing to send me a guest pass so I can try it on this computer? I would be most grateful. I can offer an emoticon is trade : )

    Not so nice guy!

  • mgervaismgervais Montreal, QCPosts: 4Member

    Hey guys,


    i would really LOVE a guest pass, cant wait to try this game!


    Please send me a NA guest pass!



  • santeasecsanteasec buenos airesPosts: 1Member

    hello guys, could anyone spare a guest pass for me to play too? As i cant buy it yet, but i will. im dying to get my hands in it as soon as possible. my email is thank you!

  • ValijaValija Bloomington, INPosts: 2Member

    Can somebody PLEASE send me a pass to Diable 3? I'd really apppreciate it and love you for it.

  • kurzedkurzed WellingtonPosts: 1Member

    if anyones keen to send one it would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Geoxer22Geoxer22 Spring, TXPosts: 6Member

    I'd like try see how my computer runs diablo 3 before i commit to buying it. Will someone private message me a guest pass please it be much appreciated. Thank You

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