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Nice Dune Easter Egg

KrasnijKrasnij ViennaPosts: 40Member

Found a dead body in the desert called " Stilgar " like the Fremen leader in "DUNE", i looted him and then appeared a lot of rock(sand)worms and attacked me, without wormsight!!!

anyone else found some easter eggs?


best regards



  • BanaghranBanaghran HuisoPosts: 869Member

    I think it was wormsign, not wormsight :)

  • oubersoubers bazelPosts: 854Member Uncommon

    blizz does that in wow there was this goblin at the zeppelin docking near undercity called Hin Denburg or something....realy funny.... :)



  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,214Member Uncommon

    Yeah game is full of blizz humour I love it when the Scoundral follower flirts with the females in the group, and when you find your jeweler artisan in the barrel (not really a spolier) I left him in there for like 5 mins just to hear what he was saying.

  • KrasnijKrasnij ViennaPosts: 40Member

    Originally posted by Banaghran

    I think it was wormsign, not wormsight :)

    true dat!  For shai hulud!!!!

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