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The Secret World: Beta Weekend #2 Dated

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Funcom has announced that the second weekend beta event for The Secret World will occur from Friday, May 18th and run through Sunday, May 20th. Players who have prepurchased the game will have access to The Secret World with their characters from last weekend's event remaining.

Funcom executed a successful first Beta Weekend from May 11th to May 13th, both in terms of player numbers, feedback and technical stability on both client and server side. The company is also encouraged by the fact that this Beta weekend saw higher player numbers, longer play-times and higher return visits than for beta week-ends conducted for its previous MMO, “Age of Conan”. Funcom also teamed up with the world’s largest gaming site GameSpot to bring thousands of keys for the first Beta Weekend to its readers. During the Beta Weekend ‘The Secret World’ featured as the most popular game overall on the site, and as of today the game has a higher number of active followers on GameSpot than any other massively multiplayer online game in development.

Read more on The Secret World's site.



  • Mississauga, ONPosts: 912Member Uncommon

    I wish they extended it by a day. In Canada we have a long weekend and it would have been great to have that extra day of play time on our actual day off. In either case, c u there!



  • |DarK||DarK| PortoPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    i was totally bumbed out when i found i had missed the beta weekend so i took my time watching the vids people were posting from the the weekend.

    It looks really promising all the way from the original setting of the game, to the "Guild Wars"ish battle system.

    My favourite part of the game is the crafting systen. Though i don't play it, ppl say it's similar to minecraft but better with 4x3 grid to place your mats.

    It allows you to easilly dismantle items you don't need into mats, though it seems tricky to learn how to craft without a set of recipes like you'd expect in an MMO with crafting.

    The only cost for the player in order to make something is the cost of the corresponding kit and then place the mats in the grid with the format of the weapon you want, press a button and if the shape matches a recipe, you get an item. Just hope that if you mess up and the shape doesn't match a recipe, it won't consume the kit.

    Also love the fact that the cloths you wear have no impact whatsoever on what your char can do or what stats it has. Of course you still have items that determine that but those are unrelated at all to the way you look. So you can have a character with a tank looking like a ballerina and a healer looking like SWAT has long has you manage to get those cloths if they are available in game.

    From the three factions only Dragon doesn't have a intro video yet or if it does it was locked.

    Speaking of videos it's strange that any character has the same intro video before joinning the faction of their choise. The diferences start with the way each one is recruited and from that point on due to the "modus operandi" and beliefs of each group.

    During this weekend people were able to try out the Templars startzone and got to checkout an area plagued mostly with Zombies and some other more interesting creatures. There were still some skill sets unavailable at that time but maybe on this next weekend they'll let us catch a glympse of what's like to have the full freedom to create a char like we want  to.

    The only downside i could notice was an excess of cutscenes and certain bugish animations during those, like when a character suposedly picks some sort of device and it shows his hand empty.

    Just hope they'll let the people that got a serial at gamespot after the event had ended still participate on the next weekend that way i can check some stuff for myself ^^


  • DolmongDolmong KowloonPosts: 515Member

    MAY 20th ... is my wedding !!! =D


  • camil82camil82 jklkklkjPosts: 50Member Uncommon

    btw i found on their official site a list with some internet sites who give free beta keys, got on of them aswell, so if anyone wants check it on their website and you may get a betakey.

  • OrtwigOrtwig Cambridge, MAPosts: 1,163Member Uncommon

    Looking forward to the 2nd weekend as I missed the first go!

  • madjakemadjake San Francisco, CAPosts: 233Member Uncommon

    I can't wait for this next beta weekend so I can continue the story!  This game has some serious promise!

  • heartlessheartless Brooklyn, NYPosts: 4,993Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by madjake

    I can't wait for this next beta weekend so I can continue the story!  This game has some serious promise!

    I don't think that the story is actually unlocked. From what I read, Funcom unlocked the scrapyard, the airport and the orochi quest givers. In order to continue the actual story, you need to go through the tunnel to reach the next part of the island, which will still be locked.


  • oubersoubers bazelPosts: 854Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Dolmong

    MAY 20th ... is my wedding !!! =D

    Gratz m8 :)


  • johnnyblancojohnnyblanco Sacramento, CAPosts: 11Member

    The main story has been unlocked so far but you need to stumble across parts of it to complete it. I know as I got to tier 13 out of 18 before I said screw this and uninstalled the whole bloody mess. This game helps you along when it feels like it and when it doesn't you're spent blundering around towns until you can find out where you're supposed to go.


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