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Guest Pass Request/Offer Thread



  • sxelasxela New York, NYMember Posts: 1

    I'd like to have a guest pass, just to see the game before it hits our stores on 6th of june. 

  • ZonerangerZoneranger WarringtonMember Posts: 7 Uncommon

    I would really like a guest pass (EU) - if anyone would be so kind to send me one I would really appreciate it - many thanks!

  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Omega CityMember Posts: 185

    what is this guest pass ppl keep refering too? I have the digital game and don't see any guest passes

  • KiyonoriKiyonori Member Posts: 63 Uncommon

    Originally posted by yutty

    what is this guest pass ppl keep refering too? I have the digital game and don't see any guest passes

    People who buy a physical copy get guest passes.

    I'll take one through PM if anyone has a spare.

  • ShTogoodShTogood southend on seaMember Posts: 46

    Would like that have a go at the game if anyone could help out would be really nice.

    happy gaming.

  • ewelciaewelcia LodzMember Posts: 1

    if anyone has 1 guest pass for sexy girl please

    send me on e-mail  -

    ill  be  very happy  thanks guys

  • neorandomneorandom bev hills, CAMember Posts: 1,681

    anyone got a download link, i need to patch up and such before fedex delivers my ce.

  • iggy-biggy-b ZagrebMember Posts: 1

    Hi all.

    I am looking for 1 guest pass or starter key for my friends and myself in night shift :)

    Preferable EU region, but US would be good aswell.

    So if anyone has a spare one and is willing to make night shifts less miserable and boring, please PM me :)





  • InFlamestwoInFlamestwo HindMember Posts: 662

    I'd like one, thanks.


  • neorandomneorandom bev hills, CAMember Posts: 1,681

    can someone loan me a guest pass so i can get the game patched up, fedex has my ce in a truck somewhere out there, so itll be a day or 2 yet.  ill put my passes back into this system though.

  • ApocalyApocaly MadridMember Posts: 1


    I need a guest pass pls!!! EU pass if it's possible  :)

  • SykoleisaSykoleisa BirghtonMember Posts: 41

    I'd like a guest pass if anyones feeling generous.

  • ruonimruonim DGMember Posts: 251

    Intrested in guest pass for EU. Before i get money to buy my own version.  Can anyone send me one?


    Guess everyoen too busy playing :D

  • ZaphyrZaphyr Member Posts: 27 Uncommon

    I would very much like a EU guest pass If anyone would be so kind image Thanks in advance!

  • m1xuzm1xuz JyvMember Posts: 1

    I'd like to have a EU Guest Pass code if anyone could pm 1 to me. I'd really appreciate it and I can give 1 back to you when I get the game next week or so :)

  • fldashfldash Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 227

    US Guest Pass please!

    Former xFire user... I only wanted a game tracker and messenger, not a screenshot taker, video recording, broadcasting piece of bloatware.

  • Sandman24Sandman24 Reno, NVMember Posts: 47

    US pass pleeeeaaaase!!

  • pinkeyespinkeyes londonMember Posts: 31 Uncommon

    Would be very greatful for an EU Guestpass

  • ive82sykoive82syko Midvale, UTMember Posts: 37

    Need a  US guest pass, if anyone could spare one I would be most thankful. PM me!

  • WarbsWarbs ManchesterMember Posts: 245

    Not tried a Diablo game yet but would like too! :)

  • wombinator04wombinator04 Cedar Park, TXMember Posts: 11 Uncommon

    I would love a guest pass also :)

    PM me If you have one :p.

  • ThrennieThrennie LeedsMember Posts: 107

    If anyone has a spare EU guest pass I would be grateful if they could mail it to me as I would love to give this game a try before buying.

  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Member Posts: 1,042 Uncommon

    If anyone has a extra GP I wouldn't mind one. Thanks in advance!

    No signature, I don't have a pen

  • Excalaber2Excalaber2 Merrick, NYMember Posts: 357 Uncommon

    I ordered the CE and am a little nervous about delivery date.  if anyone has a guest pass they can PM meI will return you another guess pass within 24 hours.



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  • DarkogDarkog Capital FederalMember Posts: 7 Uncommon

    Hey if anyone has a guest pass could you PM it to me please? Thanks :D

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