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Is the servers up with all thats going?



  • DoctercheseDocterchese LondonPosts: 8Member

    I am actually not going to attempt to reply to anything anybody said back to me. Despite my efforts there appears to be no way for me to connect with the multiple peni posting here, so instead here is is a panda:





  • DarthRyan25251DarthRyan25251 Eagle, IDPosts: 2Member



  • DoctercheseDocterchese LondonPosts: 8Member

    Originally posted by Ryan25251


    *chese ;)

  • MaxipadMaxipad Minot, NDPosts: 19Member

    Zezda, you are still using examples that have no bearing on the subject we are talking about. This is a small game, with a small staff. If you want to compare it to something I would say a mom and pop hardware store is more like it. A place where  you'd get a personal level of attention from the owner, especially when you have some concerns with product. Instead we get a blank stare back from behind the counter when we have concerns.

  • MaxipadMaxipad Minot, NDPosts: 19Member

    Doctorchese, I image you flailing those arms around after seeing your response of a panda picture. You must look cute in your futility costume.

  • ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Maxipad

    Zezda, you are still using examples that have no bearing on the subject we are talking about. This is a small game, with a small staff. If you want to compare it to something I would say a mom and pop hardware store is more like it. A place where  you'd get a personal level of attention from the owner, especially when you have some concerns with product. Instead we get a blank stare back from behind the counter when we have concerns.

    I didn't say you didn't get a blank stare.....

    I'm talking about expectations and the level of expectation some people feel entitled to, which is very relevant to the discussion.

  • MaxipadMaxipad Minot, NDPosts: 19Member

    How little should people expect after 9+ years of development?


    It seems that some would have the paying customer just STFU and be happy that we have the privlege of paying for a game that is crappy simply because it has a small dev team. Well, I've voted with my pocketbook and I will not be giving any more money to this game. And now I am here on an independent forum removed from the official game to voice my opinion, and possibly save other people the hassle of trying out this game. It's honestly not even worth the free trial.

  • ZezdaZezda Posts: 686Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Brigander

    Originally posted by Zezda

    Originally posted by Brigander

    The biggest truth is this, and you can't argue this.  Nine years he invested, and how many premium members are there after NINE years of work?  2000?  
    2000 players?
    For nine years and only 2000 players, that's terrible.  Minecraft has existed for only 2-4 years and has over a million.  So clearly Rolf has done bad somewhere along the line.  

    There's so much wrong with this statement that I don't think I can even bring myself to try refute it properly :/

    If you seriously think this then I feel sorry for you.

    Popularity is not a measure of anythings worth in itself.


    Uh sure it is, popularity is a fine way to judge a game.  People don't stick around and play bad games, they don't endlessly invest hours of game time, monthly fees, and labor into a game they consider bad.  Do you?  Well.. after reading your post I suppose you may be that dumb, so don't answer that please.  

    The problem is you don't want to refute it because you know I'll stomp you in an argument regarding it, but here I'll stomp you anyway.  Is World of Warcraft a good game?  That's debatable, see that is what is considered a personal opinion and taste.  A person may or may not enjoy the style, level system, graphics, quests, expansions, or various other content WoW has, but that is up to a player.  So, the same applies to Wurm Online - is it a good game?  Again, that is up to the player, some like it, and some don't.



    What I am questioning is called success.  See, Zezda, a company must make money to power itself.  Do you think World of Warcraft could run if it had 2000 players?  No of course not, there would be no budget for artists, GMs, developers, and their whole entire team.  Success is determined by one variable - profit.  There is a difference between a good game, and a successful game.  Now I don't know if these terms are foreign to you, but I'm trying my best to make this easy so even a third grader (or someone of a third grade level education) can understand, so I am hoping this helps.

    If a game has existed nine years, and it's peek subscriptions is around 2000-3000.  It's not successful.  That doesn't mean it's a bad game, but popularity is a measurement, if not the only, measurement of success.  It's a contradiction in itself to say, "This game is unsuccessful and has millions of players!"  That makes no sense, it's a paradox, you can not have a million players and be unsuccessful.  



    So yes, I am serious.  I think there's a huge issue if you've been developing and working on a game for NINE years, and you've only accumulated 2 employees and 2000-3000 players.  Hundreds of games were created by one-person or indie teams in the course of less than NINE years and had far far far far better success - the most obvious being Minecraft.  It's proof that Wurm Online lacks something, and that it's development team is doing something wrong with such a slow incline in a playerbase.  



    You, literally, have no idea what you are talking about.

    How do you know if the amount of subs the game has is burning a hole in Rolf's pocket or not? Do you even know how deep his pockets are to begin with?

    The game isn't popular compared to what? Other sandbox games that let you alter terrain and have deeds for land and place buildings whereever you like? Games like Xyson? (It's probably the most similar game to Wurm and it obviously has a *huge*  player base, doesn't it?)

    Justin Beiber is one of the most popular artists of all time, that doesn't mean *anything* in itself and seeing as you don't have all the facts and also aren't even comparing the game to anything else properly you aren't in a very good position to argue let alone 'prove' anything.

  • Silver443Silver443 Muncie, IAPosts: 3Member

    Unfortunately, this debacle also is forcing me to decide whether I stay or go.

    I have a good 30 worth of silver in the account but security I take seriously.

    The fact that the dev seems to be taking this all lightly and worst of all blaming his issues on PHP make me question why I would stay on the game. He really needs to get rid of that nonchalant attitude. It has been days now since an attack and there have been no further details.

    I understand he is small but I won't even start the client until I get some confirmation that everything is fine more than just a one line statement with no evidence behind it. I can't take the chance of compromising my own computer and my cc information with no details of what remedy has been made to the system other than we stopped PHP.

    I don't feel comfortable logging in at all right now and will continue not to until my sub expires in a few weeks.

    If they can't offer something with better information and what will be done to combat the next attack, I have no reason to resub. I don't care about the silver I'll leave there if the reward is my security.



  • AntonioVerdeAntonioVerde beloit, WIPosts: 10Member

    The game is better without you guys mucking it up like you have for years, your attitude is what has been wrong with this game and stopped it from getting even larger than it is. You keep spamming all this crap but won't even use your real in game names!


    No one takes anything you guys say seriously. If wurm sucks why do you keep playing? Newsflash thousands of people think wurm rocks, many have multiple subs. You come one here with fake names and spew arbitrary B.S. that no one takes seriously!


    You are the minority. And wurm will be better off without you, I hope none of you ever re-subs! Won't happen though. You love wurm too. Most of you are just banned from wurm forums and this is now a place you can spew the garbage you have wasted our time with for years without repurcussions.



  • Silver443Silver443 Muncie, IAPosts: 3Member

    I don't know who you are talking to there complainer complains a lot.

    I've only played the game for a few mos.

    Want my nickname - Barnabean - I ran Octopus Crossing.

    Let me alert you ahead of time - you don't know me. I'm not someone that has been around long enough for you to know.

    Regardless, I was willing to pay the game if they could show that it had value. That is now questionable.

    I've never had a forum account on Wurm so there is no way I got banned.

    I really am not happy with the game right now and since they sent me here from the site... where else am I supposed to type this out?

    Exactly right here, as requested from the Wurm website.

    When I vanish - you'll know why. You can blame it on any paranoid thing you think it might be - or you can read the concerns and realize that people are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to post them here. If they didn't have an account here, they had to make one.

    For the record - I don't love wurm. It's a game - I pay it money for a service, when it can't secure itself I take my money elsewhere. Either they display a professional attitude about it or they don't deserve my cash - of course, that's just me - you do what you like with your cash.


    P.S. Anyone in IT knows that when there is an intrusion you stay up all night if needed locking things down - you don't ignore the problem and let people into the server saying we will fix it in a few weeks. It's deplorable that they decided to blame PHP for it too. Last time I checked, PHP doesn't ship with Trojans and it has been secured on many other websites.

  • DLangleyDLangley Beaumont, TXPosts: 1,407Member

    Please remember to follow the RoC when posting. There are too many insults being thrown around here.


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