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From Love to Hate

UnleadedRevUnleadedRev Boston, MAPosts: 568Member Uncommon

OMG....does the lunacy of EA/Bioware have no end?

I loved WoH now I hate it just like WAR, SWTOR....

PUGs versus pre-mades......over and over again.....and whats with worthless healing potions, longer cool downs and worthless tactics?

Oh yeah, the wheel is fixed and rigged like a carnival game.


  • NergleNergle Okemos, MIPosts: 253Member Uncommon

    I agree with you on this. I played this game for 2 days trying a good majority of the heroes and while playing, I got madder and madder. Why in the hell couldn't they put things like this in Warhammer online?


    Make it free to play through 80 and then put in new classes, potions etc. They do some really..really dumb $hit at EA.

    The funny thing to, This game did not have any of the video glitches I am use to with Warhammer online "characters running in the distance doing the "MC Hammer" or sliding across the ground when they died.


    They need to put money into Warhammer online and put what they have with this game in it.

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