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Can someone explain this to me plz..

WardropWardrop Plymouth, MIPosts: 462Member

[03:31:04] <Zerobyte> common, one more tick and im there

[03:31:16] <Krull> tick

[03:31:30] <Zerobyte> [19:31:24] Body stamina increased  to 40 - Yay!

[03:31:35] <Darkblas> [03:30:40] Blacksmithing increased  to 49

[03:31:36] <Bobmcknob> nice

[03:31:49] <Zerobyte> grats dark, so close

[03:31:55] <Darkblas> yea almost there

[03:32:11] <Boston> Congratulations :)

[03:32:14] <Darkblas> lol with body stamina we should do swim races

[03:33:42] <Zerobyte> i swan from new amsterdam to the skeleton desert, and drowned right on the shore lol

[03:35:33] <Zerobyte> and after swanning, i swam

[03:37:10] <Benawi> [02:36:40] The Young horse gives you a nervous look. What did you do now?   o.0

[03:37:47] <Gedd> snakes are really the greater danger to noobs.. had to see and persistant

[03:38:10] <Freakygnome> found that out the hard way :p

[03:39:19] <Gedd> ah almost March.. isn;t Sant Pattys day we go out snake clubing?

[03:40:28] <Roggeh> Dug my cart into a hole. Diggin it out now lol.

[03:48:11] <Roggeh> So who is all going to the kyclops killing on deli?

[03:48:38] <Eroc> when is it?

[03:48:46] <Roggeh> Let me get a link.

[03:48:51] <Eroc> ty

[03:48:56] <Bobmcknob> saturday

[03:49:12] <Eroc> yea got some good FS to add to the fight

[03:49:15] <Bobmcknob> assuming american

[03:49:18] <Roggeh>

[03:49:26] <Roggeh> There you go.

[03:49:42] <Eroc> thank you

[03:51:23] <Roggeh> 1day 7hours 8mins  Woo.

[03:56:09] <Alyeska> If you need to get a ride to deli for the slaying, we are leaving in 13 hours from oceanside haven

[03:56:28] <Etna> can i join with only 5 fighting skill and survive? :P

[03:56:35] <Alyeska> everybody is free to come

[03:56:43] <Alyeska> all you need to do is target it to get the title

[03:56:48] <Roggeh> Yep.

[03:57:04] <Etna> i think I can come then, not sure though

[03:57:14] <Alyeska> depending on how many peoepl we will have, some peoepl may have to target and then back out till tis dead, Im not sure how the attacker cap works now

[03:57:15] <Roggeh> Oh and alyeska, I was wondering, when does the random prize drawing happen? Afterwards right?

[03:57:24] <Alyeska> afterwards yeah

[03:57:47] <Roggeh> Ok.

[03:58:42] <Roggeh> Well good night wurmians. Cya tomorrow.

[03:58:54] <Paddles> nn

[04:04:14] <Olaff> Friend an I are returning to wurm, figured try out one of the new servers..looking for a decent spot to set up a small settlement for us..ideas?

[04:04:39] <Fatboy> North east

[04:04:43] <Etna>

[04:04:46] <Fatboy> actually along the east coast

[04:04:58] <Olaff> Thank you

[04:06:33] <Gedd> 596 more spiders to go

[04:06:44] <Etna> What are you making gedd?

[04:06:49] <Etna> some kind of horrible spider cave?

[04:07:15] <Gedd> just increasing skill.. figure a spider is a good 0.001 in huge clubs

[04:07:27] <Gedd> 0.01*

[04:07:44] <Etna> since when do spiders use huge clubs?

[04:08:01] <Gedd> they use them to die

[04:08:30] <Gedd> 63.76 huge clubs now

[04:08:42] <Zerobyte> lol gedd

[04:08:57] <Gedd> pushing for 70

[04:09:06] <Zerobyte> did ya get a title at 50?

[04:09:32] <Gedd> no, but I want to see if Clubs will at 50, 44.07  clubs too

[04:10:25] <Gedd> figure 3 years using clubs.. time to level them up

[04:11:40] <Gedd> nice than a vyn priest can remove damage

[04:12:14] <Darkblas> [04:11:43] Blacksmithing increased  to 50

[04:12:23] <Darkblas> [04:11:43] You have just received the title 'Blacksmith'!

[04:12:26] <Gedd> nice.. get the title?

[04:12:38] <Zerobyte> grats!

[04:13:06] <Kylebooze> [01:13:06] Your title is now Blacksmith.

[04:13:29] <Frederikam> how to change server?

[04:13:48] <Etna> to what server do you want to go

[04:14:17] <Frederikam> any non pvp server with trees and that

[04:14:38] <Krull> there arev trees here Fred

[04:14:44] <Kylebooze> lmao

[04:15:08] <Krull> just not at the start area

[04:15:28] <Krull> and this is nonppv

[04:15:44] <Gedd> sswim north

[04:15:45] <Kylebooze> yeah, no pay-per-view here

[04:16:26] <Krull> in my house there is lol

[04:17:07] <Krull> Fredericam?

[04:17:55] <Krull> Sprekenzi Fredericam

[04:18:03] <Frederikam> yes?

[04:18:21] <Krull> you are in the right place

[04:18:40] <Frederikam> i found a place where i can get wood

[04:19:28] <Krull> yes no new areas on any servers have wood i thenk you must walk away

[04:19:33] <Kylebooze> i forgot David Thorne posted another entry lol, must read

[04:19:58] <Olaff> Is there a map of the server?

[04:20:16] <Drsatan>

[04:20:29] <Krull> [03:09:55] <Jonydowy> the map is on the forum on exodus section

[04:21:26] <Krull> credit given

[04:25:47] <Gedd> ever get nosebleeds from getting to emotionally enraged.  People think I'm always happy.  I'm just trying to stay serine to stay alive

[04:26:43] <Kylebooze> do you keep a box of tissues or a roll of toilet paper with you?

[04:26:44] <Gedd> that and asprin thins my blood too much if I take more than too.. haven't had an asprin for 15 years

[04:27:16] <Gedd> I can look straight ahead and everything runs down the back of the throught

[04:27:33] <Kylebooze> you should get that checked out

[04:27:41] <Gedd> *throat

[04:27:53] <Kylebooze> two*

[04:31:29] <Krull> Gedd the definition of stress is the inability to strangle the living s--- out of one who truly deserves it, perhaps you should look into relieving your stress?

[04:32:17] <Wardrop> fleshlight

[04:32:23] <Gedd> I live alone and aside of talking to a computer via phone this morning have not spoken for 30 hours

[04:32:24] <Wardrop> Boosh

[04:32:25] <Krull> it always makes me feel better

[04:32:40] <Gedd> very stres free

[04:32:45] <Krull> hmm

[04:32:47] <Shubi> [11:32:18] You flirtilly wink at the brown cow eye.

[04:32:49] <Gedd> besides that what I use running for

[04:34:02] <Gedd> like an emotional black squishy ball in the top back of my head.. I need energy I just squeeze it a little

[04:34:29] <Krull> is different

[04:34:52] <Krull> running makes me stress

[04:35:01] <Wardrop> If i stole a rowboat, how do i stop someone else from stealing it back?

[04:35:09] <Jonydowy> :))

[04:35:12] <Jonydowy> lol

[04:35:20] <Krull> you dont

[04:35:23] <Kylebooze> lock it

[04:35:25] <Jonydowy> put a lock and anchor on it

[04:35:28] <Gedd> *next on cops*

[04:35:30] <Wardrop> I found some locks can i lock it up?

[04:35:48] <Jonydowy> nope if u don't have key

[04:35:49] <Gyro> needs aboatock

[04:36:04] <Wardrop> Bummer

[04:36:07] <Jonydowy> needs to have your name on it to be able to acces it without key

[04:36:18] <Krull> yep

[04:36:23] <Jonydowy> also the owner might still get it back:P

[04:36:29] <Gedd> *makes armor from discarded keys.. no more decay

[04:36:35] <Jonydowy> because he can embark without key

[04:36:56] <Jonydowy> anywa i think stealing boats is forbidden on this server

[04:36:56] <Wardrop> It was there i was sick of drowning

[04:37:10] <Krull> and the big question is why?

[04:37:18] <Jonydowy> dunno

[04:37:22] <Wardrop> Its a boat!

[04:37:46] <Fatboy> cant steal boats here unless their set o public

[04:37:52] <Krull> no why steal it why try to keep it why

[04:37:57] <Wardrop> i walked up to it and it let me be captain   sailed off.

[04:38:05] <Wardrop> maybe he died on it

[04:38:20] <Jonydowy> or he's loged of in it:))

[04:38:27] <Wardrop> lol

[04:38:29] <Fatboy> if its on public nuffin u could do bout it

[04:38:32] <Jonydowy> and he will log on next to your place:))

[04:38:44] <Fatboy> no he will log in where the boat was

[04:38:46] <Wardrop> im like 6 hours old

[04:38:47] <Krull> and be mad as hell

[04:38:54] <Gedd> and drown

[04:39:08] <Wardrop> ive never played the game

[04:39:09] <Jonydowy> think he will still be in the boat

[04:39:12] <Fatboy> yup, ya just drownd some1 when they log in

[04:39:13] <Krull> no he wont drown

[04:39:15] <Gedd> tidies up

[04:39:25] <Jonydowy> unless u fill al spots on that boat

[04:39:35] <Krull> might drown you tho

[04:39:39] <Fatboy> he will drowned if its to far from land

[04:39:44] <Gedd> hmm guess we will know when he logs in

[04:39:59] <Krull> no you can log in boats

[04:40:00] <Gedd> "hey weres my boat'' and o one

[04:40:07] <Void> %§% §$%&&&&!!!! where is my boooat (jk)

[04:40:16] <Krull> and then he will track you

[04:40:21] <Fatboy> wat kind of boat was it?

[04:40:27] <Wardrop> then what?

[04:40:31] <Krull> rowboat

[04:40:39] <Fatboy> bahh just a row boat ^^

[04:40:41] <Krull> then you die

[04:40:42] <Wardrop> O.0

[04:40:45] <Fatboy> why even bother snagin it

[04:40:47] <Wardrop> really

[04:40:54] <Krull> yep

[04:41:06] <Frederikam> how to figth?

[04:41:09] <Krull> i would kill you

[04:41:19] <Wardrop> how?

[04:41:30] <Kazith> using magic

[04:41:57] <Void> deadly electro-shockwaves throu the keyboard, you get this skill when you reach 100 /played days

[04:42:00] <Krull> put your sword in your hand shield on your arm normal fighting and autofight

[04:42:23] <Gedd> mmm electroshock.. going to put on my ab belt now and get shocked

[04:42:32] <Krull> thats how to fight frederic

[04:42:33] <Wardrop> Really

[04:42:46] <Kylebooze> sounds kinky

[04:42:47] <Fatboy> yup

[04:42:52] <Wardrop> I know nothing abot this game

[04:43:01] <Wardrop> so this is very interesting

[04:43:06] <Fatboy> also for snagin peoples boats, The Troll King is coming to kill ya.

[04:43:15] <Void> and the boogieman

[04:43:16] <Krull> if i was you war i would be far away when he loggs on

[04:43:33] <Wardrop> Really

[04:43:36] <Fatboy> any1 got that SS of the troll king?

[04:44:00] <Wardrop> Is there that bgig ofr a diffwerence in ability to even swing a swortd in this game?

[04:44:11] <Krull> and when you get to esert i would be very careful not to steal here i kill thieves here

[04:44:38] <Krull> wall em too

[04:44:48] <Fatboy> 2h slow hitters, 1h fast hitters.

[04:44:53] <Krull> and am not joking

[04:45:03] <Kazith> ahh, that explains some of the pens.

[04:45:07] <Wardrop> You play darkfall?

[04:45:19] <Fatboy> crapfall, bahaha!

[04:45:22] <Void> botfall you mean

[04:45:26] <Krull> nope i play wurm

[04:45:34] <Fatboy> Welcome to Wurm, enjoy ur speedy death! XD

[04:45:54] <Fatboy> look aroun dya, ull find corpses of those who tried to steal

[04:45:58] <Wardrop> WHat combat is there you stand there dude.. youhard im totally impressed

[04:46:12] <Wardrop> You play dc?

[04:46:12] <Shizno> darkfall? Like on PS1?

[04:46:18] <Fatboy> ^^

[04:46:20] <Krull> lol try me any time

[04:46:30] <Wardrop> hing that takes a little skill

[04:46:45] <Fatboy> crapfall takes 0 skill ^^

[04:47:04] <Krull> again when you get here ill be waiting

[04:47:04] <Fatboy> hey guys lets macro are skill n do somethin else in the mean time ^^

[04:47:06] <Wardrop> HAd to play it

[04:47:27] <Gedd> or getting banned running into a fall

[04:47:34] <Fatboy> ^^

[04:47:47] <Gedd> or getting banned for swimming

[04:47:53] <Wardrop> thats not even the thing, this games combat mechanics force you to stand still in front of each other so tell me how does one brag too a 6 hour player about how  evil he is

[04:47:57] <Fatboy> u forgot talkin!

[04:48:01] <Jessie> Anyoe around north of the map selling horses?

[04:48:04] <Wardrop> I mean really.. really.

[04:48:11] <Fatboy> hey War, watcha doin here ?

[04:48:21] <Wardrop> trying to play

[04:48:29] <Fatboy> seriously, why did ya come if ur gonna complain

[04:48:30] <Alyeska> I think combat in this game isnt very important tand thats why it is underdevelopped

[04:48:30] <Krull> hes in your local?

[04:48:41] <Fatboy> not in mine ^^

[04:48:58] <Wardrop> he complaining.. i said i stole a boat, you raged

[04:49:12] <Krull> me either but it works well enough on noob thieves

[04:49:16] <Fatboy> lmao, who said were ragin or complaining ^^

[04:49:17] <Alyeska> well, stealing is against the rules on this server

[04:49:27] <Void> another one bites the kos

[04:49:31] <Krull> lol yep

[04:49:41] <Fatboy> and wat Aly said is true btw.

[04:49:43] <Gedd> stil maybe Epic would be a good place

[04:49:52] <Fatboy> this server has a different set of rules then the pvp :-P

[04:50:04] <Wardrop> good , put me over at fallen earth on it too

[04:50:20] <Alyeska> comvat on the freedom isles is not very important, its the crafting and building and alike thats mostly donehere

[04:50:20] <Fatboy> u wont last on fallen earth ^^

[04:50:26] <Krull> and you started off on a really bad foot

[04:50:31] <Wardrop> I was FOE

[04:50:41] <Fatboy> so was i and still am, since beta :-P

[04:50:42] <Wardrop> of the empire

[04:50:45] <Krull> you are noob

[04:50:53] <Fatboy> 0.o

[04:50:56] <Alyeska> stealing is against the rules and proudly admitting it in kchat isnt going to get you on anybodys good side

[04:50:57] <Wardrop> Your a nonefactor

[04:51:05] <Krull> soon to be quit noob

[04:51:11] <Fatboy> hes trolling

[04:51:32] <Krull> like soo many others before you

[04:51:41] <Fatboy> hes not even a noob, just sum basement dweller that has personal issues ^_^

[04:51:53] <Wardrop> If this is the pve server and i can walk up to a boat and click be captain and sail off on my fancy rowboat

[04:52:05] <Krull> we wont even remember you in 3 days war

[04:52:10] <Fatboy> Mb u should read the rules first :-P

[04:52:10] <Wardrop> why all the tough  internet fatguy talk?

[04:52:21] <Fatboy> lmao

[04:52:31] <Krull> likewise

[04:52:35] <Fatboy> does any1 here see my tough talkin?

[04:52:53] <Fatboy> im grinding ship building, n ur my entertainment war :-P

[04:52:58] <Wardrop> Look at him hes riddin that jock like its a popsickle

[04:53:00] <Krull> nope im the one being a jerk

[04:53:01] <Void> no, but angry little children tends to be over-sensetive fat

[04:53:13] <Fatboy> very true their also ^^

[04:53:17] <Krull> be mad at me lol

[04:53:33] <Wardrop> Not mad i like oddities

[04:53:44] <Krull> you must

[04:53:58] <Wardrop> Thats what  said

[04:53:58] <Krull> it shows

[04:54:02] <Fatboy> u must be really sad to pop on a pve server just to troll.

[04:54:10] <Wardrop> What?

[04:54:24] <Wardrop> Are you people real

[04:54:38] <Krull> go play wow or something with the other kiddies

[04:54:46] <Wardrop> Wow

[04:54:47] <Alyeska> no, were all robots

[04:54:48] <Void> go back to botfall/wow, its more the communtiy you are looking  for

[04:54:50] <Alyeska> go figure

[04:54:51] <Wardrop> really

[04:54:53] <Kasom> remembers me to feed the troll.. erm hoses..

[04:54:55] <Krull> were busy here

[04:55:17] <Wardrop> its huddle time aint

[04:55:25] <Wardrop> it

[04:55:25] <Fatboy> this game needs a age limit ^^

[04:55:34] <Wardrop> I totally agree

[04:55:35] <Kasom> i may be to old then :)

[04:55:41] <Fatboy> lmao

[04:55:44] <Krull> and an iq level too

[04:55:45] <Alyeska> remember, if enough peoepl ignore someone, they get auto muted.

[04:55:58] <Fatboy> very true!

[04:56:03] <Facesofmu> what's your point here, Wardrop? Generally?

[04:56:04] <Fatboy> lets all ignorem

[04:56:05] <Krull> how many aly?

[04:56:18] <Wardrop> I dont want to ignore them, , others ready  people, sane poeple...

[04:56:26] <Alyeska> I dunno., but the moment you ignore them they get muted for you which would solve a lot here already

[04:56:36] <Wardrop> what did i say, i said i stole a boat.. now if i was a douche would i say it

[04:56:45] <Fatboy> i gottem on ignore, every1 else follow

[04:56:51] <Krull> lol thanks forgot how to spll you

[04:56:55] <Shadowkyle> who are we ignoring?

[04:56:55] <Fatboy> then he will need a new char to troll with ^^

[04:57:01] <Fatboy> Wardrop

[04:57:09] <Alyeska> :)

[04:57:37] <Void> one command and the chat is scumfree, modern technic is great

[04:57:42] <Alyeska> I know

[04:57:54] <Alyeska> with the click of a button - suddenly peace

[04:57:56] <Krull> [03:57:09] You now ignore Wardrop. thanks Aly

[04:57:57] <Fatboy> but their goes the entertainment ^^

[04:58:07] <Void> but i prefer the deadly shockwaves through the keyboard, solves the rl-issues too

[04:58:12] <Wardrop> plz

[04:58:28] <Krull> not if he spawns  im in esert

[04:58:29] <Void> nah fatboy, the world out there is full of morons, i dont need them all to much in the virtual world too

[04:58:34] <Gedd> "He's headed for the stairs!"

[04:58:39] <Shadowkyle> typing /kchat solves tons of problems

[04:58:46] <Fatboy> very true void, haha

[04:58:58] <Wardrop> omg they got a congrigation

[04:58:59] <Shadowkyle> hahaha Gedd

[04:59:16] <Krull> he pops into local the fun begins lol

[04:59:24] <Gedd> ah so gonna use that at work now

[04:59:26] <Alyeska> dont worry, the ignore command also works for local

[04:59:31] <Shadowkyle> lol

[04:59:45] <Kasom> what does he look like?

[04:59:47] <Krull> no im gonna chase him lol

[04:59:51] <Kasom> oh... nvm..

[04:59:56] <Fatboy> lol

[05:00:03] <Shadowkyle> do they speak english in What

[05:00:04] <Alyeska> hes probably wearing a green dress

[05:00:06] <Void> hehe yea kasom^^

[05:00:11] <Wardrop> So like the whole server  hates the wardrop..

[05:00:18] <Fatboy> lol aly.

[05:00:24] <Void> hrhr

[05:00:24] <Fatboy> wheres waldo, haha

[05:00:30] <Wardrop> Fk it im keepin the boat then

[05:00:31] <Krull> be my luck

[05:00:56] <Krull> btw aly did you see your guest?

[05:01:04] <Alyeska> uhm

[05:01:14] <Alyeska> possibly, depending on who it is

[05:01:19] <Krull> fezdani i think

[05:01:28] <Alyeska> oh yeah

[05:01:33] <Krull> cool

[05:01:44] <Alyeska> I set her up with some dye and shes on her way home now, but she logged

[05:01:59] <Fatboy> aly u got sum birght white dye?

[05:02:07] <Krull> thought her a he most of the night

[05:02:13] <Alyeska> I can make 82 ql white, I dont have any better zinc atm





Im a crazy or is that an oddity. I am completly amazed!!



  • BLueBEarBLueBEar USA, WIPosts: 242Member

    It's what is known as a chat log.


    Oh my got!!!
    i neber see a graphic of this before,
    i neber p2p any game before, but this game i must!

  • JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 2,210Member Uncommon

    more like a Wall of Chat Log. WCL


  • BLueBEarBLueBEar USA, WIPosts: 242Member

    Re: Can someone explain this to me plz?
    « Reply #8 on: February 17, 2012, 09:33:38 AM »


    Quote from: wardrop on February 17, 2012, 05:36:47 AM

    A mature response ty.

    As i stated i had not Played before.

    * Tip Hat*

    You'd have received a 'mature respons'e the first time (although I wouldn't say the first response was immature) if you'd just asked what you wanted to know, i.e. this one line:

    [04:35:01] <Wardrop> If i stole a rowboat, how do i stop someone else from stealing it back?

    Rather than burying the question in an hour and a half's worth of chat logs. There are MANY questions you could be asking about that chat log, the lack of specificity was getting in the way somewhat there. ;)


    Oh my got!!!
    i neber see a graphic of this before,
    i neber p2p any game before, but this game i must!

  • HordernHordern LondonPosts: 2Member

    I recognise that last reply - I wrote that in the Wurm forums...

    WurmOnline GM Epiphron

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