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Tribes: Ascend: What We Want in Tribes Universe

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Recently released, Tribes Ascend has scored big for fans of the shooter genre which gives pause for thought to we who are eagerly anticipating Tribes Universe, a much more MMO-ish sort of game. We've got a few thoughts about what we would like to see in Tribes Universe so keep reading!

During the downtime between shooting things in the face and jumping skyward though, I have gotten to some thinking - which is handy otherwise this article might be titled "quiet time" - looking at Hi-Rez's resume as developers, hustling amongst the two credits of Global Agenda and this latest frag-fest is the arousal-inducing title "Tribes Universe."

Read more of Adam Tingle's Tribes: Ascend - What We Want in Tribes Universe.



  • Paragus1Paragus1 Philadelphia, PAPosts: 1,741Member Uncommon

    After Global Agenda I had pretty much written off Hi-Rez as a company.   When Tribes Ascend came out I had to be drug by my guildmates to try it kick and screaming after what happened to the franchise yearsd ago and who is making it.   I was really blown away by how much I love this game.  I really hope that the Tribes Universe as an MMO turns out be something amazing.  The game really offers an experience unlike any other FPS, and has an incredible amount of potential.

  • arebareb Calgary, ABPosts: 144Member

    Tribes Ascend is brilliant.  Hope Universe is too.

  • TROLL_HARDTROLL_HARD Caucasian/WhitePosts: 312Member

    Great game! F2P...what's not to like?

  • NickraiderNickraider Posts: 131Member Uncommon

    Glad to see Tribes making a come back after all these years! Gotta love blue discs to the face!

  • RebelnebelRebelnebel Ehrenfeld, PAPosts: 2,962Member Uncommon

    The game is addicting to those who like tribes.

    I play this game on a regular basis and still find it amazing, however it would be nice to add voice packs like the good ole days.

    There was nothing funnier (if thats a word) hearing movie clips from Ace Ventura to Aliens and quotes from other famous movies when playing the original. It's what made tauting fun, at least for me.

    My favorite taunt with voice pack was Bruce Willis (yippee ki yay mother ******) just as you use a spinfusor on your opponent.

  • bazakbazak Warner robins, GAPosts: 283Member Uncommon

    ya tribes ascend is definately good for what it is, first game in a long time to really feel like tribes,

    that said however there is my issue of the physics being a bit wonky compared to T2 and the lack of first person view on shrikes, i fly like a drunk bee in third person.... (they say they are fixing this) and the inability to do full loops and the shrikes dont handle nearly as well as the T2 shrikes slower and not as smooth. but thats to be expected with smaller map sizes than T2, at least the lack of speed is.

    all my &@$*@&;#$ over what it isnt aside, its still a fun game. just wish they had bigger maps and bigger bases as well. (they need to get the havoc in game for bigger maps to work all that well)

  • inmysightsinmysights Houston, TXPosts: 365Member Uncommon

    God, I hope they do it right! I have high hopes as well!

    I am so good, I backstabbed your face!

  • MindTriggerMindTrigger La Quinta, CAPosts: 2,596Member

    I have to say....Tribes Ascend is a blast!

    Back in the day, I was an OG Starsiege Tribes (Tribes 1)  player.  I remember at the time I was a huge Quake FPS clan player, and some friends of mine from Thrustmaster game controller company invited me to try Tribes beta.  When I installed it, I thought it was so damned ugly that I couldn't get into it.  The graphics were very sub-par compared to the Quake and Unreal games of the time.  My friends talked me into a LAN party at the Thrustmaster office, and I headed over.  Needless to day, I fell in love with the game play, the skiing (which was originally a bug in the game) and the combat with jetpacks.  The graphics were of no concern in light of the gameplay.  To this day, I consider the Tribes style of FPS play to be the most hardcore of them all when you consider the skill it takes to get really, really good at it.  Accuracy is highly rewarded due to the flight aspect.  

    Later on I also played Tribes 2 which was a great game as well.  The subsequent attempts to revive the series after Tribes 2 left a lot to be desired.  Hi Rez has done a phenomenal job at recreating Tribes with Ascend.  While the overall pace is faster than the old Tribes 1 and 2 games, it manages to capture a lot of the important aspects of them.  The fast pace of this game is still a little bit of a complaint for me, because it has removed a lot of the tactical aspect of the original games and replaced it with almost pure twitch play.  However, this is my only real gripe, and all things considered, it's not a big one.

    The cash shop in this game is fine.  I've found that I did like using it to get my character rolling faster during the early levels of 1-9, but after that, and after your skill level goes up, XP adds up fast, and you can live without the gold.  I've also found that I only  really need to unlock a certain number of items per class, rather than all of them, because a lot of the perks I don't care for. (I stick with the energy perks for longer flight).

    I've spent about $40 so far, and since spending that I haven't felt like spending much else.  I do love that they have started adding skins and gun packs to the store though, and I will spend more on those items when they come out for the classes I play. 

    I would love to see them move forward with Tribes Universe, especially if they can use the same engine and maintain the physics and gameplay they have now while enhancing it with other features. Ascend has been making the wait for GW2 and TSW a lot easier, that's for sure, and I don't feel like I am logging into a game just for the sake of logging in, like I was doing with current MMOs.   I'll be keeping this one around for a long time.

    A sure sign that you are in an old, dying paradigm/mindset, is when you are scared of new ideas and new technology. Don't feel bad. The world is moving on without you, and you are welcome to yell "Get Off My Lawn!" all you want while it happens. You cannot, however, stop an idea whose time has come.

  • bazakbazak Warner robins, GAPosts: 283Member Uncommon

    tbh id love it if they brought in HERC's in universe. make them uber expensive to get ahold of and expensive to maintain. and when they get destroyed they are gone for good. some of the lore i dug up says something akin to the tribes keeping herc forces (on their key worlds/more heavily industrialized worlds) and anti herc weaponry for infantry.

    wud drool over the game so bad if they brought in HERC's.


    (for those that dont remember starsiege HERC's is short for H.E.R.C.U.L.A.N. which is short for Humaniform-Emulation Roboticized Combat Unit with Leg-Articulated Navigation. think sorta like mechwarrior, tho their size varies and tends to be smaller than in mech warrior i think.  )

  • SilverbranchSilverbranch Warren, MIPosts: 195Member Uncommon

    I had an absolute ton of fun in Tribes 2 (Renegades Mod) once upon a time.

    It will be worth looking this over.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Wherever you go, there you are.

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