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Dealing with MMORPG Griefers?

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,418Member Uncommon

Here is a topic that seems to be very popular lately such as on FaceBook where they ask everyone to use their Real Life name to avoid being Anonymous or hiding behind a fake name in other words.

Now here is a serious question, and yes it has to do with MMORPG's but it does go off Topic, and that is how to deal with Griefers in online MMORPGs.

When I speak about Griefers I generally think about Second Life, However over the weeks I have learned that Griefers, and Trolls effect more than just Second Life, but they are also in games like Fallen Earth, a clan named ExileGamers, which is a Tech faction on that game for months harassed my account in Fallen Earth and I was forced to quit the game because they would not stop, and I am not talking about PVP, or Player Killing, but they basically singled out my character, and my worst mistake was ever applying to their clan after they sent me in game mail asking me to apply. The people who are Trolling me, and Griefing me in their game are the two owners of this Clan. Basically every time I would try to enjoy my game in any PVP zone at all they would constantly kill me without a reason just because they had a personal issue. They accused me in public chat of being another player with no evidence, and they logged into their alts every 30 mins or so to see if I was there in the PVP zone farming just to kill me, and finally started accusing friends of mine of being me and harassing them without reason.

My point is that this issue was reported to Gamers First, G1 does nothing about it, even when Evidence including things they said in chat which clearly broke their TOS/Code of conduct were there in the snapshots, so what can you do about harassment then when a game company refuses to do anything. We are not talking about a one time thing either, we are talking about ruining other players gaming experiences, and a clan with people that have made threats to cross into other popular games and grief others as well at least thats what they did to me.

After checking on their website, I see that they are also looking into gaming in other popualr games which I have already preorder Like GuildWars, and D3, ETC, even MW Online, how do I prevent griefers from following me across games and continue their harassment is the serious question I ask these days, and this isn't the only thing I have noticed.

Also I would not let their rules Fool you because the people who have griefed and trolled me are the Leaders of this clan, and they can't even follow their own rules for instance one of the big rules is no Drama yet they have created it for the laughs and trolling.

After having this very bad experience where G1 did nothing, I heard about the thing in EVE Online with GoonSwarm, and the guy telling a guy to End It, in other words the Drama that happend in Real Life where the guy made a fool of himself trolling another player, It is very similar to this issue.

In League OF Legends for example, I have also seen an increase in Griefing, and Trolling in this game where players are telling other players to go commit suicide, Uninstall, Hateful comments in a game, then your griefer who passively griefs so they cant get banned just camps a turret and does nothing for the first 10-20 minutes of the game.

Now here is what I have in question about all of these experiences.

I have played MMORPG's for many years, and my question is how to deal with Guilds/Clans of griefers like this when a game company just don't listen. Like seriously I know that G1 for example can't control things that happen outside their game, however what to do when a Clan, or Person becomes seriously Harassing,Griefing, or Trolling, and we are not talking about the little jokes pranks or any of that either, but the serious business of online harassment and following others across games they play.

I understand the point of remaining Anonymous such as using a fake name on FaceBook, and peoples names to stay anonymous because they don't want to give out their Real Life information to strangers, however the thing I have in question is if people would watch moreless what they say or do to someone else if this person knew their Real Life reputations were on the line rather than just a user name. It appears that even IP bans these days do not work because people just evade them, or get around proxies.

There have been some cases where I have filed a report with the police as some say to do but nothing gets done it continues to happen they continue to CyberStalk no matter what, It is up to the game company to do something but will they? The answer so far is no, they won't because it is a big clan of individuals VS a few people they tick off and grief they would rather loose 3-5 people than 20 people or more at once.

This doesn't include the Adult Content I have found posted on forums, we are not talking about things like the 4 letter word, or cursing, but very adult content on games that are rated T for teen, how and why do so many companies allow this type of Trolling/Griefing Behavor why do nothing. <-- So because of all the Trolling on G1 Forums I found this posted, who supports Idea's like this maybe not giving out your Real Life name to the public but things similar that would help prevent harassment across games and effect a clan as a whole where sooner or later too many negative reports would result in the clan being disbanned for example. ( This video does have some content some might take a bit offensive, but it is Equal to that of the movie in Real Life called Bully.)

What would happen if some player actually did End It because of Trolling, or someone else asking them to.

I know people Rage, or Get Angry, but why can't games just be clean and free of this type of stuff even League OF Legends for example is way worse than DOTA 2 on this type of thing.

What I guess I am trying to say is why don't game company's reguardless of the player or clan give tools like shown in this video I posted above, and start dealing with griefing/trolling reguardless of the game it is in because it seems to be getting a lot worse, and I am talking about this Generation of Gamers, or in the year of 2011-2012 I have seen an increase in Trolling/Griefing, or Stalking a lot more compared to what I ever Saw or experienced in 2005.


  • DekronDekron Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 7,354Member Uncommon

    When griefing makes someone whine and pout as you did, then we know our job is done.

  • outfctrloutfctrl Jacksonville, FLPosts: 3,619Member Uncommon

    It is just a a game, not real life.

    Transfer your character

    Make a new character

    Join another guild and get them back

    Play another game

    Change your name

    Granted some costs are involved to do some of those things, but  that may be your only choice.

    Just move on and get over it.  I have been camped and camped in WoW before, but a few IM's to my friends helps when they show up and take them out.

    Remember, it's just a game


  • Man1acMan1ac EnglandPosts: 1,428Member

    Yea just join a cool, chilled out guild. You wanna get to know people who like to have a laugh. Xbox live and a good community is simply a paradox.

    We're all Geniuses. Most of us just don't know it.

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