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EU Battlegrounds Update

B1mbleB1mble WalesPosts: 148Member Common

Allods EU have announced  new battlegrounds and PVE content for the near future.


Now  this sounds neat and groovy at first glance, but the new content apparently becomes available from level 23 and the PVE content appears to be a nightmare except for the strongest guilds/players. 

This beggars the question as to the justification behind content that only caters for the remaining pay 2 win community and does nothing to pull new people in.

Such concerns have been voiced on the forum.

As much as I loved this game, its reputation as a money sink and pay 2 win makes updates such as this unnappealing to anybody who has not experienced the game before or has not had value for money with all the ruinous updates that have come before and as such have left. 

In short, if your new to Allods, reputation and myth indicate that you need to be rich to not get lolstomped and that it only becomes interesting/fun later after spending a wad of cash and running quests in a ghost town.  Comments are now appearing concerning an inability to form parties for instances for example.

If I was to Hazard an opinion I would say that this new content, although much needed for players who have reached end game, only caters for those players to keep them there.   They being the spenders, the ones with the ever full bank accounts.  These players still being in game because of the money they have invested and for the sole reason that to leave would leave them feeling ripped off.


Whoever is in charge of this game does it no favours.  To survive (and it should for many reasons) it needs to bust some myths, change its cash shop, advertise, have it re-reviewed and pay more attention to whats left of its community.

In short this update, although more important than the interface/autopath addition does nothing to secure the future of a great game.  It panders to the people who are already there and from the limited number of posts even they arent that hyped about it.

Anyway, have a read and see what you think :S



  • newbihacknewbihack Olympia, WAPosts: 36Member Common
    It is sad to see such a good game went to trash by one word "GREED" . yea I left this game because of what they did to players who were loyal to them and to the game. When such game treat their players like ants I have no place in such world of cockrouchs.
  • AllodsOnlineAllodsOnline Allods Online Community Manager Sunnyvale, CAPosts: 19Member

    Thanks for sharing about the new skirmish, Deserted Farm, coming with the Patch 3.0.2 update on May 30th. This feature is appealing to everyone, veterans and new players alike. Players will be interested in playing knowing there are lots of PvP options. Similar to the EU version, we have also shared previews of what's to come with the upcoming patch that are especially appealing to new players.

    We actually created a blog today about what you can expect from the update coming later this month. Plesae check it out here -

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