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What is MetalMercs ?

MekakurgMekakurg Beaulieu sous la RochePosts: 5Member

Hello all,

Let me introduce myself, I am MekaKurg the main game designer and developper. I live in Vendée, France.

As I could read on this forum, some of us dont like the game. It is their opinion. It is sure if you are looking for a full 3D game with fast action, you will be disappointed. I build this game with the remember of that was a roleplaying game 20 years ago. Yes, I am not 20 years old but closer of 40...

So, yes the game is "old-school", because I though about all of you like me who want to play this kind of game.

To be honest, the company size is not around 500, not even 100, not even 10 but only 2.  I spent 3 full years to write/modify this game. So I was and still very proud that the game being accepted on

Actually, the game engine developpement is over. You can plan a lot of task for your mercenaries, missions, health care, training, man hunting and many more. Mercenaries can also get unplanned task as automatic cloning in case of death of be put in jail.

It may have some bugs still inside the game. We are doing our best to hunt and correct them. But without your feedback, the afew left couldnt be corrected.

What is the futur of MetalMercs ? At this point, the game run fine. We want now to give a life to it. As the game dont have a 3D aspect, we can change easily the world. So we are writing a story with some milestones. The story will be cut in sub-storie called epic mission.

As player you will have to choose a faction and make those epic mission for it. You will be able to cooperate or fight with/againts other players. At the end of this mission, the main story and the world will be adapted depending of which faction won. So we hope to offer a really dynamic story around the game and that you will enjoy it.

We are open to any suggestion, comments, just stay polite please :)

Thanks you for your time



  • AmjocoAmjoco Layton, UTPosts: 4,846Member Uncommon

    Less words more perty pictures that move fer me! Gameplay video please. 


    Death is nothing to us, since when we are, Death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.

  • MekakurgMekakurg Beaulieu sous la RochePosts: 5Member

    Here, the link to our game video presentation.

  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member
    Originally posted by Mekakurg
    Here, the link to our game video presentation.


    So the game is just a menu screen and you evolve gear or whatever?

    I mean that video doesnt actually show any game play, just soem menu navigation or whatever.


    I mean is there an actual visual game to play with/against other players or are those screen shots/videos what you do in game?

    In fact none of the screenshots of videos really gives me an idea as to what this game is.  

    Assuming that the lead developer would give us a video of gameplay such as what youve done, im guessing its a menue based game and theres no game world or character control correct?



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