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outfctrloutfctrl Jacksonville, FLPosts: 3,619Member Uncommon

Sure would like to see a pic of the cockpit




  • dayhotdayhot Sydney, ALPosts: 2Member


    In Squad Wars, players are able to create and customize their mercenary space pilots with free available spaceships and gear, as well as premium cosmetics and higher level devices that can be purchased in the store. Such business mode will serve a typical method of financing the developers to make and improve the game better. While the game is also designed for those players who would love to wind up exploring the space, they can enter the ingame Market to explore the Stealth or Escort Mode where players can get a mission of escorting the resources like diamonds.

    Each time players enter the game, they will have a new choice to unlock new ships, pick up news jobs and switch new gear and weapons. The battle result in each round of scenario will have a strong impact on your character and your squad throughout the game world.For more information regarding it, please check


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