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Rate My Tank-omancer

Cpt.CroydonCpt.Croydon londonPosts: 1Member


been thinking about tanking as a mage, how would this fare?



Chloromancy is in mostly just for radiant spores (and entropic veil), maybe it should be swapped for Archon, what do people think?  


  • VarlasVarlas Sioux, IAPosts: 21Member Uncommon

    While it might be amusing to think about, in the end it just wouldn't be practical. Mages don't have the mitigation needed to tank efficiently. The other classes have tank specs while mages do not. You're a squishy dps/support class with survival cooldowns.

    If you wanna try it for fun, then by all means. But I wouldn't get your hopes up if you wanna use it for "serious" content (IE raiding).

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