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Beta Keys to a cheap F2P knockoff of Tribes

twodayslatetwodayslate Almost Mexico, CAMember Posts: 724

This Tribes: Ascend business isn't worthy of the Tribes name by any stretch of the imagination, but if anyone wants in, here are my two closed beta keys.

A22F9-AA7C2-A7F84-0B39C-5FD07 - No longer valid (12/18/11)




  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Omega CityMember Posts: 185


    for a beta key. Its free to try and doesn't take long to have 3 or 4 classes unlocked. I'm liking it

  • kuzniaczek21kuzniaczek21 LesznoMember Posts: 6

    I've got Tribes Ascend Beta Key. I can trade it for sth.

  • karmathkarmath Member Posts: 856 Uncommon

    1. The Tribes IP was bought in full by HiRez so it's not a knockoff.

    2. It's still in BETA with alot of features disabled.

    Ranting on about how an unfinished game doesnt meet your expectations only makes you look like a fool.


  • giodee21giodee21 Willoughby, OHMember Posts: 31 Common

    I was thinking the same thing. When a game launches it is never polished. I say go polish your nob for about 3-4 months then come back and say its not worthy. People are rediculous, and completely illogical if they think perfection on day one can be achieved. 


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