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TERA Times News

slaitaarslaitaar KidderminsterPosts: 8Member

Hey guys

Launched a new show, hoping to be weekly depending on the availability of content which shares news and recent developments in TERA in a bite-size way for those that dont have time to go through forums, reddit etc. It also hopes to have a share of comedy, to keep it entertaining as well.

This is only the first episode, so bear in mind its a word in development and we hope you enjoy it!

Constructive criticism welcome!


  • CitalkayCitalkay GlasgowPosts: 141Member

    Your text is beyond annoying.

  • slaitaarslaitaar KidderminsterPosts: 8Member

    Here? I have no idea why its done that O.o Let me see if I caan get it back to normal, only just seen it was like that :(

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