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TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

So ive been hobbieing around with a MORPG ( knotice the lack of the first M it was on purpose) for the past 6 months or so and ive decided to give an overview here in the forums of what some base systems i have in place and what its about so i can get some feedback about features.

So the engine im using is Unity 3d standard and its set up to use the Photon server platform. The base idea is to have players able to set up there own persisten servers for people to play on fairly cheap ( think NWN ).  I have been using assets from the Open source MMO Ryzom as stand ins untill i can gather better art later on down the road. By following some tutorials from 3dbuzz and burgzurg ive managed to get a pretty good setup so far ( website to come later with pretty screens etc).



Now the setting is : Humans have depleted earth to the point of its no longer able to sustain human life so sometime in the near future we use a last desperate effort to move to the stars and find a new planet to live on. Humans create the ARK ship with frozen DNA sequences of as many animals as possible for clones on the new world. Human embryos are also frozen for later fertilization. A few of the most inteligen humans have there concious extracted into the ARKs onboard systems by an experimental process as we have yet to develop artifical inteligence. The ark contains everything possible to "JUMPSTART" the human race and the creatures of earth on the new world where ever it may be found......

Game setting : Players start the game in the first and only human colony on the new earth (planet BoB maybe ). This is the only human structured area the rest of the planet is as yet unexplored. so players will be starting from scratch with very basic supplies etc. and this is where we begin.




Type : Social/themepark/SANDBOX now what this means is there will be some themepark style things that players will begin with to get them started such as a few quests to teach them about the game almost like a tutorial. The game will rely heavily on the sandbox /social aspects though. Once the ARK found the new home it seeded the plants and animals of earth all over it and acceleratedthere development evolution so they could quickly adapt to the new enviornment. Side effects is that alot of creaturs look almost nothing like they once did.  The new earth has less gravity and it also rotates on its side putting the poles in the far east and west of the globe.

Some base features include the ability for players to set up new "colonies" across the new world in different pre determined spots. I just dont think the style of building houses and shops every 10 feet across the planet is any good. The pre determined spots wil be quite large with enough room though.

The player built buildings of note are , taverns , shops, mines, and a few others ( open to suggestions). Once  a certain number of buildings are built in an area there will be "federal" buildings open up with services like turning on and off PVP flags etc.

Taverns , shops, and mines are not just buildings to go into and just be there. Taverns as of right now have "POKER" that players can play with each other at tables. i would like more suggestions here also so i can look up how they work and implement them, i was thinking of adding dominos to with actual gambling possible between players. Shops will have crafting trade of what ever the shop is. This is where you will do your crafting and also where you hire your shopkeeper to hok your wares. Mines are the type that the player will build over a deposit of what ever it is and then hire workers to work it or do it themselves.

Quests after the initial ones come from other players and your own imagination. There is a board where players can post things like bounties on objects ( ie 500g for 10 tiger hides ) that players can then go out hunt what ever it is down and come back to the board and collect.




World : the world is almost done but right now i have a basic setup without much terrain other than flat ground. The world has zones just like EQ BUT unlike EQ is you can travel all the way around the world in 1 direction. Think of it as a large sphere that i have cut into 6 squares. The amount of "zones" may change but right now there are 6. 1 top 1 bottom and 4 around the equator. so basicly a cube instead of a Sphere but meh. The idea though is that you can set off in 1 direction and just keep going. To me this gives the illusion of a comple globe navigation.




MOBS :  These work by a script that basicly has them either reproduce based on number or if all are gone to relocate to a different "zone" and start. Mobs for the most part will not stay in the same location. When they are not being killed they after a set period will grow in number untill a set number, once they are being killed by either preditors which work the same way or players they go away completely for a set time and then reappear in a different area of the zone.

This part is up and runing pretty well i took the base code idea from RYZOMs mob and ai system. Translating the system from C++ to C# was a bitch though.

I havent got anything done on the crafting yet but the idea behind it is coplete customization of items. What the item is made of gives it differnt properties. IE if the player ismaking a rifle with crappy mats then it would come out with a reliability of say 50 and might blow up in your face, and likewise if you are making a sword out of a very good metal then it becomes very good and doesnt wear out easily.




Combat : now when i play an RPG i play the character so i expect the character to be alot better at swinging a sword than i am so combat is based on character skill and player know how to use each attack in differnt ways. So as an example if you took up marksmanship you can combine differnt skills for different outcomes. IE say a three shot combo of shooting in the leg  to slow to make it easier to put a double tap in the chest.




Magic : magic is very differnt  , the idea behind magic is that as a byproduct of the accelerated evolution process they have become able in some cases to control matter with there minds and draw power to do it from there surroundings. There is a bar representing the amount of power that the player has drawn into themselves.  As the player holds power they gradualy are able to expand there ability to draw in more and thus create bigger effects. This works really freakin awsome btw testing it out the other day at max i made a A bomb out of a fireball OK MAYBE over kill but HEY it was still awsome, but back on track here the player can also overdraw more power than there body can handle and create bad effects. By drawing power into there body the player slowly looses endurance. When there endurance runs out they start loosing health so in essence they can eventualy kill themselves by just holding power. Now if the player  overdraws this effect is accelerated but if they dont do it for long it can also increase the rate at which the player can gain more endurance and thus draw in more power for bigger effects.




Now the skill / level system players can gain skill in everything and level to max. Havent got a set number of skills but so far i have about 20. Each skill has a max skill ov 100 and you gain a level every 20 skill points.  When you level you get to add 5 points to stat increases. stats are

intel, str, endurance, speed, so far each has almost traditional function on your character but this is getting kind of long so




Death : IN Death you are  cloned  and when you die you come back as a depending on how long it was since your last death with almost no skill point loss or if you die over and over all the way back at 1 skill point in everything. IE if you die, you come back as a clone of yourself. If its been say an hour your clone will have say mabye 5 leff points than you did before you died if its only been say 5 minutes however then well the clone hasnt had enough time to develop the genetic memory so you start back at 0 skills.  Now the skills will go back up faster than before untill you reach the point you were at before death.




PVP : PVP is open world full loot BUT there is a catch , its completely optional there is an NPC in major cities that will either flag or unflag you as the player so chooses. So you can go around all the time flagged or unflagged as the player wishes. Flaggin for pvp opens all the players houses and shops and themselves up to attack from other players also flagged as PVP.

Ok ive managed to knotice that i have rambled on a LONG time so ill stop here for now and give out some more specific details on different areas as ask.

O YA um FEEDBACK is appreciated constructive please.


  • TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

    All day and no feedback? hmmm i guess the post is a bit long

  • xaritscinxaritscin CaliMember Posts: 350 Uncommon

    Originally posted by Teikk

    All day and no feedback? hmmm i guess the post is a bit long

    you dont say, just kidding but you're right, its a brick of a post. you could put more space between the paragraphs, it would be more organized and more attractive to read.

  • TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

    mmm there we go i split it up and used some pretty colors now maybe people can swallow it in chunks.

  • xaritscinxaritscin CaliMember Posts: 350 Uncommon

    looks better. i'll read it later then.

  • TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

    So um 70+ views so far and still no feedback man i need to release an alpha or somthin so people can complain about it to get feedback i guess.

  • matcausmatcaus TelfordMember Posts: 4
    With regards to the tavern/gambling, have a look at puzzle pirates, it may be a bit childish but it has several gambling games which work well.
  • TeikkTeikk Bristol, VAMember Posts: 70

    mmm puzzle pirates ill check it out, some others im thinking of putting in are dominos, hearts, backgammon, and blackjack after i get the rest of the systems done when i get around to a testing phase itll just be poker though.

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