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Tales of Tyria #30: Red Posts Are Superior

BridgerBridger South Windsor, CTPosts: 77Member

Tales of Tyria #30: Red Posts Are Superior

So many Red Posts! With an estimated 900+ responces on the Official Forums, Arenanet has blown us away with how they respond to feedback. We cover a lot of the more interesting responces from the most recent Beta Weekend before heading into more World vs. World discussion. Sorry for the long show guys! We'll try to keep it to an hour in the future :)


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Episode 30:

  • 03:00 - Feedback: Best WvW Story?

  • 10:30 - News: Arenanet Responds, Dynamic Events Behind the Scenes

  • 49:40 - Bridger Rant: Default Keybinds: WTF 6-0?

  • 53:09 - Roundtable: WvW Re-Visited

Question of the Week - What are your thoughts on the balance of the Eternal Battlegrounds?

Let us know what you think and send us feedback. Also, watch us live on Sunday nights @ 8pm EDT.


More episodes available in the archive


  • OldManFunkOldManFunk BFE, KSPosts: 894Member

    I don't think a single 2 day beta where few people hit level 30 grants enough experience to talk about PvP balance.

  • JesseBFoxJesseBFox Tallahassee, FLPosts: 134Member


    Epic fail. The link for download points to episode #29.

  • BridgerBridger South Windsor, CTPosts: 77Member

    So it does....Fixing now!

  • TheTrueKingTheTrueKing San Antonio, TXPosts: 427Member



    Love the show man!! If it wasn't for this show and a small handful of others I'd have absolutely nothing to do until the next BWE.  So thank you and keep it up.



  • andre369andre369 .Posts: 970Member Uncommon

    This podcast is the best podcast in the world on getting off topic^^ 

    Still awesome, keep going. Your fans will stick around till release, you should hope for later rather than sooner:PP 

  • BridgerBridger South Windsor, CTPosts: 77Member

    I do enjoy going off topic as long as it's entertaining.  :)

  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member

    ToT is awesome.  This show has quite a bit of good info in it, I have been watching since the beginning.

    The reason you all get off topic so much is because of Freelancer.  It's all his fault.  I have a plan though, you will need two things.  A list of a questions tailored for freelancer and a short looping video of the rest of the cast.

    1)  Questions for freelancer.

    These can be anything really.  Some examples would be:

    a) Freelancer, explain to the audience the most efficient way to belittle casual mmo players?

    b) Freelancer, whats the future of esports?

    c) Freelancer, do you think you are a distant relative of Sun Tzu?  When will you be writing your memoirs?

    In the end you just have to ask him questions like these, mute his mic and check in on him approx 30 mins later.  Then ask him another question and repeat.

    2)  Short looping video of the rest of the cast.  Freelancer isnt stupid so he will need to see the rest of the cast doing what they do best.

    Kaeyi)  have a short video of her constantly fixing her hair.

    Greight)  he can sit and pick his nose for 30 mins and no one would know the difference

    Vega)  just have him sit and look like he is drinking beer or taking shots

    Bridger)  sit, nodding agreeably, while saying things like....uh huh, yeah, I agree, I have never thought of that, and My Immersion!

    Do these things and your show wont always get off topic.  While freelancer is busy answering the questions, you can continue the show uninterrupted.


  • BridgerBridger South Windsor, CTPosts: 77Member

    That's so crazy it just might work!  But then who would we argue with when we all agree on something? :(

  • StriderXedStriderXed AURORA, ILPosts: 257Member

    My two favorite things about Sunday. GoT and ToT


  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member

    Originally posted by StriderXed

    My two favorite things about Sunday. GoT and ToT

    Yeah, thats my usual sunday night as well, Tales of Tyria and whatever HBO has going on.

    If you are a GW2 fan and havent watched any of their podcasts, I would suggest it.  It is a nice opening act before Game of Thrones.


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