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Cool to see some change

JevinieJevinie Port saint lucie, FLPosts: 8Member


 For the longest time I assumed this game dev was dead.


  • XanwardSongsteelXanwardSongsteel Wales, WIPosts: 17Member

    It is dead. Completely.

    I'm CeclilArcelle on their forums, and I volunteered to do some Community Management work for them. After signing on, shortly I found out that NO work is being done on that project. DeXtrose has started a seperate project, but it is nothing like Tatsumaki nor will it be an MMO.

    Overall, Tatsumaki was vaporware.

  • holyman1981holyman1981 xxxPosts: 51Member

    sad :(

  • Crunchy221Crunchy221 Trollsberg, ILPosts: 489Member

    Any bets on how long this games rots on the sites game list as in development?

  • punkrockpunkrock va, VAPosts: 1,777Member
    There is still post on there fourms and people viewing them. Thou to be honest i dont see them ever coming out with this game sadly.
  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member
    Originally posted by Deleted User
    Any bets on how long this games rots on the sites game list as in development?


    Im fairly certain theres games on this list that were there when this site first went up that were in development or beta and are still there in beta...dead as they were when they first appeared here.


    I dunno maybe the site gets paid per game listing...might explain why lately hald the games on this site are mot mmorpgs or are browser/mobile games


    Funny thing is theyll lock this thread and toss me a warning for necroing before the do anything regarding cleaning out the mmo carcases fromt he list.

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