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[Guild Recruitment] Some Kind of Monster

madmandan90madmandan90 BirminghamPosts: 47Member


Some Kind of Monster are now preparing for the move into Tamriel, where we intend to focus on PvE and PvP equally aswell as other activites. Untill the release of The Elder Scrolls Online we will be playing a lot of other games such as Diablo 3 and many other games.


About Some Kind of Monster:

Some Kind of Monster is a European guild with roots which date back to the release of World of Warcraft, and even before that Runescape. through time it’s been within numerous MMOS, including WoW, LOTRO, Aion, Guild Wars, Planetside, FFXIV, Warhammer and the latest MMO being Star Wars: The Old Republic. We have always been a small guild with a strong close knit community. Over the years players gradually left due to personal issues but we have always remained in contact, however we now need to seek like-minded individuals to help us reform Some Kind of Monster. I am pleased to say that the original creators will be present in The Elder Scrolls Online. We will be using a Mumble server regularly, although a mic is not essential.


Why Choose Some Kind of Monster?

Some Kind of Monster was founded by two friends from the UK back in 2006, We are looking for mature (18+), social, light hearted players. Loyalty plays a big part in our guild, we will be loyal in helping you and your characters progress but we expect the same loyalty towards the guild in return.

Some Kind of Monster has always been a very competitive guild. Aiming to do the best in whatever goals we set. As stated before our main focus will be Raiding and PvP where we aim to have fun whilst still making good progress within the game. We believe that a small group of close knit loyal members is the best kind of guild. We hope you agree!

If you have the same goals and mind-set for The Elder Scrolls Online as us, and think you will make a valuable member of the guild then please head to our ever growing website, where you will find instructions on how to apply and enjoy our community. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • madmandan90madmandan90 BirminghamPosts: 47Member

    Applications are now working correctly sorry

  • deathshrouddeathshroud londonPosts: 1,366Member

    is this a joke?

    there are 2 types of mmo, imitators and innovaters.

  • madmandan90madmandan90 BirminghamPosts: 47Member

    I would not joke about such things. Yes this may be considered early and a "joke" but we genuinly want to recruit some nice people that we can chat with, play other games with and get to know people before we step into Tamriel.

  • madmandan90madmandan90 BirminghamPosts: 47Member

    In case anyone is interested we will be playing diablo III on release too so if anyone wants to join us for that feel free :)

  • EntinerintEntinerint brooklyn, NYPosts: 868Member Uncommon

    Palm, meet face.

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