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RP in Achaea

SnJ08SnJ08 Oxford, ALPosts: 6Member

I personally enjoy roleplaying and MUDS because of their roleplay dynamic. I know alot of people who are consumed by their graphics but a lot of those games are very limited in what can be done via RP.

I've played Achaea now going on 6 years and it continues to change and develop new things while maintaing its capability of strong roleplay relationship with divinities and well anything you can think of. You can be whatever you want to be and RP it effectively.

I've seen roleplays ranging from an evil blind thief, who kept thereself blind to make their roleplay genuine, i've seen several mutes who would communicate through EMOTING scribbling. 

What about you? Any MUDS you love and enjoy to still play with the factor of RP still be relevant?


  • LiancaLianca Bloomingburg, OHPosts: 10Member

    I'm with you on the Achaea love. I now roleplay a Chaotic Priestess.


    I personally love the added depth the racial choices bring to the table, I adore playing my Xoran (a lizard like creature from an alien planet) breathing fire, expressiveness with smoke-filled snorts and use of the tail.


    There is so much you can do, from city politics, to religion, to family, perhaps a teacher role, or a star combatatn, it's not all about mashing the keyboard, interacting with others is key.

  • lsomblsomb Somewhere, BCPosts: 4Member

    After being an avid Achaea player for the past five years, trying to roleplay on a graphic MMORPG just doesn't compare at all. Text inherently promotes roleplay more than graphics, in my opinion. Achaea and other MUDs don't 'lack' graphics; rather, their text format is a feature.

    Graphic MMOs are restricted to what you can see; Achaea is only restricted to what you can imagine. Because there are no constraining visuals, Achaea and other Iron Realms MUDs with the open emote system are mechanically superior in terms of what you can do and act out. With words, Achaea gains more variety in gameplay options and customisability than any graphical MMORPG can have. Anything describable can happen, allowing for a dynamic, free-flowing world that encourages and nurtures creativity.

    I've tried out a couple of other MUDs, but I usually prefer to play Iron Realms games because of their complexity and their large player bases. Although there are some smaller gems out there, in the end, having a vast community in which to roleplay and build networks of relationships for my character is far more enjoyable. A large playerbase makes the world seem more real for me; less populated ones just don't impart the same feeling of wonder.

  • KhaerosKhaeros Monroe, NYPosts: 452Member

    Personally, I've always found that the 'roleplay' in Achaea was used to get to the 'good stuff' - the PK, where the occultist drops truenames on you because you died a while ago through a prism execute and everyone has triggers and scripts to heal themselves whenever they get one condition on them.


    When you have people jacked up with these power clients and 'combat systems', it doesn't really feel like I'm roleplaying anything worthwhile now.


    I agree with the MUD thing, though.  I roleplay on both MUDs and MMOs, and MUDs definitely have the infrastructure to be great roleplaying games.

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