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Look at it as DAoC 2 with TES lore, not Skyrim Online.



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    Originally posted by termsy

    Originally posted by Truelevels.
    Im not saying Gw2's WvWvW isnt good and I dont even know whats to become of ESO because I havent seen enough. I played GW and im glad the 2nd GW wont be like it... im going to wait a little after the release of gw2 to buy it due to the warhammer online debacle I was caught up in... Never again! Bottom line Guildwars is guildwars and Doac is daoc and ESO is ESO... simply having 3 factions doesnt make it a successor to anything

    Except Guild Wars 2 really is almost exactly like DAoC. You clearly haven't played it. I've played both and it's basically a successor but better in my opinion.

    I state in my post that I havent played GW2... I also state in my post that people like you dont know what thier talking about

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