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Aion: Bonus Pet Week! (Watchful Ailu)

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,209Administrator Uncommon has just been given a bonus pet for Aion! While this event was scheduled to be just 3 pets over 3 weeks we have just received a 4th pet: The Watchful Ailu! Get your key quickly because these won't last!

NOTICE: These gift keys will only work on the North American Aion servers.


Watchful Ailu: Ability (Warning), Watchful Ailu alert you when they detect enemies. 


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  • Mississauga, ONPosts: 912Member Uncommon

    Gotcha sucka!


  • EladiEladi ArnhemPosts: 1,106Member Uncommon

    Panda's eh.. owell I take it.. aint like aion is the most realistic game made :)

  • TerrorizorTerrorizor Red Beer, ABPosts: 326Member


  • vanrickvanrick LimaPosts: 1Member

    Success (:

  • PosiToriPosiTori Tampa, FLPosts: 8Member

    Yaaay! Bonus Pet! He's so cute!

  • oratunoratun Columbia, TNPosts: 1Member

    got mine!

  • javizdpjavizdp santiagoPosts: 1Member


  • KrelianKrelian GöteborgPosts: 384Member Uncommon


  • qwda1234qwda1234 sadasd, IAPosts: 2Member


  • eimantas3373eimantas3373 VilniusPosts: 2Member
    ty sm
  • KynmoreKynmore Tampa, FLPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    Was that like 5 keys?


  • awayawaysawayaways New York, NYPosts: 18Member

    if anyone has an extra code could you please send me one, I missed out  =(


    You would make my day! 


    Edit: Still looking for a code :( I have nothing to offer.


    Edit 2: I received a code from a very generous person, I no longer need one.

  • F2PMMOF2PMMO OsloPosts: 122Member Uncommon

    Anyone know for how long this key was available :(

  • qwda1234qwda1234 sadasd, IAPosts: 2Member

    a more or less 30m

  • rosemadderr4rosemadderr4 painesville, OHPosts: 1Member

    wow........ this makes the 4th pet giveaway i these things go so fast.

    anyone have an extra one they want to part with? it'll make my day!!! PLEASE!!!???

    *** I have an extra Bogel/Worg key to trade 

  • Games888Games888 Chicago, ILPosts: 243Member

    thx, now no need to play WoW.

  • Games888Games888 Chicago, ILPosts: 243Member

    they always come out around 12 noon pst

  • aracin7aracin7 virginia beach, VAPosts: 2Member

    Any extra key I have a pink merek key if your interested in a trade

  • looneywin31looneywin31 Clinton Township, MIPosts: 1Member

    got lucky trolling facebook and seen they were giving them away.  Caught it just in time.  Whoot!  Lucky me...and my hubby =)


  • aracin7aracin7 virginia beach, VAPosts: 2Member

    They should release them in sets not all at once WHAT about for the people who have to work they just get screwed I guess

  • Malvel24Malvel24 no, MTPosts: 1Member

    Good afternoon, I would love for know how I can claim the pet, as do all the steps and you gave me, thanks


  • zetaalpha001zetaalpha001 some cityPosts: 3Member

    is there possible to get more key like the week 3 pet? this "bonus" pet is kind of sneaky announcement that easily missed...

  • Games888Games888 Chicago, ILPosts: 243Member

    I got extra one will trade for pink merek.

  • jhetrick11jhetrick11 Bislig CityPosts: 3Member

    can anyone send me one please...i missed this :(( want one for my character..thanks in advance!

  • karritpwnskarritpwns woodbirdge, VAPosts: 3Member

    please release more!! i was at work on a 10 hour shift so i missed out

    =[ I love pandas too

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